Okoia HD10 manicure set

Do you want to improve your customer relations and your relations with your employees? You are looking for a better approach to improve it. Give them a business gift that matches your company's image and their expectations. The Okoia HD10 manicure set is the perfect business gift for any event.

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If you're tired of classic business gifts that are not usable or are not practical to use at all, opt for this high tech business gift It is perfectly in tune with the times and has innovative properties. It will make your customers feel honoured and happy to return to you.

A high-tech company gift

If you consider a customer gift The Okoia HD10 manicure set is recommended as a state-of-the-art product that meets the needs of customers and is attractive. With its neat design and perfect ergonomics, it is excellent for caring for nails and making them more resistant. It is also a luxury business gift, but is perfectly affordable. You can order as many as you like without it impacting your budget.

A versatile business gift

It is true that personalised business gifts are the most appreciated by clients and employees in the professional world, but those that are practical and versatile are the best and have a very positive impact on the image and reputation of a company. The manicure set Okoia HD10 meets the latter criteria thanks to its interchangeable head. It has 10 attachments for optimal hand and foot care. These accessories polish, strip, file, sand and remove cuticles from nails. It is also equipped with a brush to make the work neater and cleaner.

A practical, self-contained company gift

If you want your company to offer a practical business gift, choose this model. It is indeed practical in the sense that it comes with a box that is very easy to carry and to store in a bag. It is also autonomous thanks to the power of its 2 batteries of 600mA.

Set :
This set includes: 2 filing discs, 2 stripping discs, 1 polishing disc, 1 large cone file, 2 small cone files (pointed & truncated), 1 cuticle remover and 1 brush.
The whole thing will fit in the compact storage box

Practicality :
In the rigid storage box, enjoy the integrated nail dryer to finish your manicure and a mirror.
In addition, the device works with 2 Ni-Mh batteries (600 mA x2) for wireless use.

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