Glass platform bathroom scale

If you are looking for a promotional giveaway for your business, opt for the glass tray bathroom scale. It is a device that combines elegance and practicality at the same time. This is what makes him an ideal promotional item / goodies.

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Weight is often a barrier to good health and also good mood for some people. It is therefore important to take it into consideration every day. This promotional gift therefore highlights its practicality for the daily life of your customers. This business goodies idea is also very original.

An advertising object for health and everyday life

The glass tray scale is a advertisment object useful in everyday life. It is important to keep an eye on the weight on a regular basis. In addition, although some people use it to ensure their health, others use it to maintain perfect body shape. So, through this goodies, your customers can monitor the effects of their diet. Its use can therefore be varied according to each one, but it remains all the same frequent. This makes it easy for your customers to remember you or your services. In addition, you can opt for a personalized advertising object to accentuate the desired effect.

A modern and inexpensive promotional gift

It is an advertising object / goodies which has a modern design, but also a great practicality. It is equipped with a glass top with a dimension of 30 x 30 cm which defines its class. The weigh person Glass top has a blue LCD display screen and can support a maximum weight of 150 kg per 100 grams. To top it off, you can have it at a rock bottom price. You therefore do not risk overloading your company's accounts with this advertising product.

Original goodies ideas

To brighten up your advertising product, choose between different colors that you might like. Especially since you can choose the colors according to the tone of your logo which will be put on the surface of the advertising object. This will facilitate the visibility of your business.


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