The gift box: a present that creates surprises

Are you lacking inspiration when it comes to ideas for birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Parents' Day, or any other event? The gift box is the best solution. Thanks to the diversity of offers that we have selected, you can be sure to please those around you. Discover among others gift boxes for women, gift boxes for men, gift boxes for couples, birthday gift boxes, company gift boxes, Christmas gift boxes, newborn gift boxes. In short, all kinds of original gift boxes, inexpensive gift boxes that can be personalized according to your wishes. Be sure that with a gift box, you will make people happy.

What is the gift box

The gift box is a themed gift offering services or products allowing the recipient to choose according to his preferences and desires. It is in a way a gift package, an original gift box which contains catalogs of products and / of activities, and that specialized brands such as Wonderbox or Smartbox offer. The recipient of the gift will choose the service or product that suits them. Through the gift box, you can show the recipient that even if you know their tastes, they are free to choose the gift box that suits them. You will also find ready-to-use gift boxes, inexpensive gift boxes focused on different themes in supermarkets. The boxes are available in Christmas gift box, birth gift box, woman gift box, man gift box, original couple gift box ...

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The principle of the gift box

Generally speaking, there are two types of gift box. The first is the one that can be bought in supermarkets and gift shops and which allows you to take advantage of a service or products on a specific theme. The second is the one that you order online by subscription on dedicated sites such as Wonderbox, Masterbox, Smartbox, Dakotabox or Vivabox. When purchasing the gift box, take the recipient's taste and preferences into account. A booklet including a catalog and various elements such as an activation code (for booking activities or ordering products) will then be given to you. This is what you will give to your loved one. It will then be up to him to choose the gift that suits him best. As part of a subscription, he will receive a gift box every month.

Whatever type of gift box you choose, you offer moments of pleasure to the recipient.

The magic of the gift box

The concept of the gift box is attracting more and more consumers. The reason is that this type of present meets all expectations. The trend is not only to offer a single object, but several associated with a specific theme. The purpose of the gift box is to bring moments of happiness to its recipient. The large companies specializing in gift boxes have fully understood this. In addition to pleasing, they also sell dreams. The most fashionable boxes concern, among other things, weekends, travel, adventure, well-being, sport and gastronomy.

If you are looking for a gift idea for any event, bet on the gift box. And why not an original gift box, an original couple gift box? This inexpensive gift box idea will be a great pleasure.

How the gift box works

The craze for the concept of the gift box is no longer a secret. Indeed, the gift box is appreciated for its practicality and originality. With the multitude of themes and innovations, the gift box is the best option when it comes to rewarding or pleasing those around you.

The gift box is a box that contains a catalog (with the services to be chosen by the beneficiary), a gift voucher (to pay for the activity or the product), as well as the general conditions of sale and use of the box. The services are grouped by theme: stays (castle, charming hotels, camping, etc.), sport (microlight flights, parachute jumping, sport driving, etc.), well-being (body care, spa, etc.), gastronomy (culinary discovery, gastronomic stay…), practical work (initiation to oenology, cooking lessons…).

In addition to these gift boxes concocted in partnership with dedicated brands, you can take advantage of the cheap men's gift boxes that Cadeaux Hightech puts at your disposal. Couple gift box, woman gift box, men's gift box, newborn gift box, beauty gift box, original gift box… You will find everything you need with us!

The gift box for women: a delightful surprise

Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, wedding, birth of a baby… Whatever the occasion, take it to pamper the women who are dear to you. So that your present has a strong impact on the person who receives it, bet on an unusual gift idea. In order to find the original gift that will delight this woman, take into account her personality and her tastes. The gift boxes for women seem to meet all the criteria. Beauty gift box, gastronomy gift box, well-being gift box, travel gift box, birth gift box ... Available in several themes, they will please all the women in your life with their practicality and voluptuousness. Also discover cheap gift boxes, cheap women's gift boxes. But also original couple gift boxes.

Which woman gift box to offer?

There are many possibilities to surprise a woman. Retailers specializing in gift ideas such as Smartbox, Wonderbox, Vivabox or even Nocibé, have understood this. They offer all kinds of gift ideas for women as original as they are unusual, including women's gift boxes containing various activities or products. Sports activities, gourmet discoveries, beauty and well-being, unusual stays or weekends… You are guaranteed to make a happy woman with these original gift boxes, these cheap women's gift boxes.

For those who love thrills, you will find gift boxes for women dedicated to sports activities: tree climbing, initiation to diving, helicopter flights, parachute jumping ... Those who like to be pampered will be delighted to receive gift boxes dedicated to good -being and relaxing: facials, Ayurvedic massage, hydromassage, Balinese massage ... For globetrotters and adventurers, select a gift box for women including a gastronomic stay, a well-being stay, an unusual weekend in a suspended cabin, in a yurt or a trailer. For epicureans, a gift box including a cooking class, a culinary workshop or a gastronomic stay, an assortment of chocolates, cookies or dried fruits. You can also offer a jewelry box, a beauty gift box to make it more attractive.

Also discover all kinds of original couple gift box, birth gift box, original birth gift box.

Offer a beauty gift box

The beauty gift box is the present to offer to a woman in all circumstances. It's the perfect gift for women who love to pamper themselves. The beauty gift box designed for women can contain a variety of products, from traditional cosmetics to makeup accessories. Perfumes, toilet waters, bubble baths, shower gels and other shampoos. You can also find cleansing water, moisturizing milks, masks, scrubs, oil, soaps, both for the body and for the face. In terms of makeup, there may be glosses, eye shadow, mascaras, varnish ... It is also possible to take care of your body with a well-being box dedicated to aromatherapy: box of essential oils, box of scented mists, roll-on box with organic essences ...

In a beauty gift box, all the ingredients making the morning or evening beauty ritual a moment of pleasure are combined. Often, the boxes are designed by theme (gourmet care, instant sweetness, beauty of the day care ...), or around a key ingredient (honey, argan oil, shea, donkey milk ...). These women's gift boxes can also contain a basket or a pocket to store the products. By giving a beauty gift box, you can be sure to please the recipient. You can of course offer it as a corporate gift box.

Also discover all kinds of cheap woman gift box, original couple gift box, original birth gift box with us.

A make-up gift box to be beautiful

No woman would remain indifferent to a gift box, especially a makeup gift box. And for good reason ? The content of this box contains everything she needs to make herself beautiful: lipstick, foundation, blushes and eyeshadows, eyeliner, illuminator, mattifying powder, concealer ... She will be even more delighted if you bet on organic beauty products or your favorite brand. Among the most popular makeup gift sets among women are: Sephora Collection perfect lips set, Bomb Baby 2 Fenty Beauty set, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté skincare and makeup set, Sephora Collection perfect lips set, Dior chic and glamorous set, Ballet set of Vernis Fantastiques Marionnaud and the Nude by Nature brush cracker.

The make-up gift box constitutes an original gift box, a suitable anniversary gift box for women.

A woman you know has just had a baby. In addition to the make-up box, offer her a birth gift box, an original birth gift box.

What gift box for men to offer

Are you looking for a gift idea for men? A wide choice of gift boxes for men is available on the market. These men's gift boxes are available in several themes. These original gift boxes will delight sportsmen, adventurers, gourmets, romantics, geeks or simply those who wish to relax. Among other things, you will find birthday gift boxes, Father's Day gift boxes, Valentine's Day gift boxes or even Christmas gift boxes. Men's gift boxes are also perfect for corporate gifts. They are available in a cheap men's gift box and an original couple gift box.

A men's gift box: to surprise him for any occasion

There is no shortage of gift ideas to please a man, whatever the occasion. The men's gift box in particular can meet the expectations of every man. You can easily adapt it to the personality and tastes of its recipient, whether it is an adventurer, a romantic, a gourmet, a creative or a sportsman. Indeed, depending on the profile of the latter, you can fill the box with carefully prepared products. The men's gift box will exude more charm and authenticity and will be more appreciated than a simple high tech gadget. Whether your target is 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60, please have the men's gift box tailor-made for them, and show them all the affection or attention they deserve from you. Personalize the gift box so that it has more impact and that its recipient can keep an unforgettable memory.

Whichever man you want to reward or just want to please, be sure to find the right gift box for him, while staying within your budget. In addition to making him happy, you will give him a pleasant experience, even with a cheap men's gift box.

Birthday gift boxes for all tastes

For the birthday of your father, other half, friend, brother or co-worker, give a gift box. In addition to the Wonderbox, Dakota box or Fnac gift boxes, you will find personalized gift boxes corresponding to the character trait of the recipient. Always on the lookout for the latest trends, these men's gift boxes, especially birthday gift boxes, are available for all tastes.

  • The athlete at heart: sports accessory boxes, or a box with a gym membership will be perfect.
  • Nature lovers: a box of accessories around the garden, an organic gourmet box, a gift box with local products, a camping stay box, a tree climbing box in the forest.
  • The gourmet, gourmet or bon vivant: an assortment of chocolates, a box of spirits (rum, whiskey, gin ...), a box of wines, an aperitif box, a box of champagnes, a box of craft beers, a box vegetarian.
  • The geek: a high-tech gift box, a box of usb gadgets, a multimedia gift box, nomadic gift box (powerbank, usb key, pen, earphone ...
  • The adventurer: a travel gift box, a gourmet box with regional or exotic flavors, a travel journal gift box ...

Whatever birthday gift box for men you choose (cheap or not), it will delight any man, whatever his preferences.

A wine gift box: a men's gift idea for all occasions

Are you looking for a gift to give to a loved one, a friend or a colleague for a birthday, Father's Day or the end of the year celebrations? There is no shortage of ideas for men's gift boxes, like cheap men's gift boxes. To stand out, bet on an original and trendy gift. Is this man a lover of champagnes, wines, and great vintages? A wine gift box will be perfect. Among other things, you can bet on a vintage wine gift box, a red wine box (3 or 4 bottles), a star wine box, a poker wine box, a wine and delicacies box, a wine and accessories box, or even a gift business case wine and cheese Paul Bocuse Mino. There are also champagne gift boxes (Lanson Black label, Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, Dom Pérignon, Veuve Clicquot, Deutz…), whiskey, gin, rum, and vodka.

The wine gift box is a great gift idea. But to transform it into an original gift box, bet on personalized bottles. A personalized wine gift box will further surprise its recipient and show how much you care.

Find the right Christmas gift box

As the end of the year holidays approach, the race for gifts begins. Like every year, you are looking for Christmas gifts to offer to your loved ones or to your employees. If you lack inspiration, we have the solution. We have set the bar high to please those around you. We have selected for you a wide range of couple gift box, newborn gift box, man gift box, woman gift box, business gift box, quality Christmas gift box: wine gift box, tea gift box, gift box high tegh ... You will inevitably find the right ones among the multitude of offers that we offer. Our entire team is ready to advise and guide you so that you are not mistaken in your choices.

The best couple gift boxes

Do you need some inspiration to find the couple gift box, the original couple gift box to give at Christmas? Treat your half with a themed Christmas gift box. This gift box will allow you to meet again and enjoy good times together far from stress and hassle.

Gourmet couples will benefit from the gourmet couple gift box (world cuisine, French cuisine, regional cuisine, local cuisine, etc.) or learn about oenology. Globe-trotting couples will be delighted to take advantage of a travel couple gift box, such as a weekend in a city in France or Europe, a relaxing stay in the countryside, a gourmet weekend, or an unusual stay in a castle in Provence. The more adventurous will love the Sport and Adventure couple gift box. The thrills will be waiting for you during a parachute jump, a part of diving, a piloting course, a microlight baptism or a paragliding flight. Those who like to take care of themselves and relax will prefer the well-being Christmas couple gift box and will choose the treatments that suit them: balneotherapy, body massage, massage with essential oils, a day in the hammam or sauna ... you will not be not ready to forget these little escapades.

If you have just had a child, give your wife a birth gift box, an original birth gift box.

Corporate gift boxes

Within companies, the end of the year is also a period inextricably linked to warm feelings. This is the perfect time to please your employees and enhance their efforts with Christmas gift boxes, end of the year corporate gift boxes. Let yourself be inspired by our range of end of year gifts. We provide you with a wide range of multithematic corporate gift boxes:

- kitchen textiles CE gift box,

- special trendy organic gift box

- corporate gift box with a gourmet touch

- champagne festivity business gift box

- bluetooth earphone CE gift box,

- hard drive business gift box

- external battery company gift box

- 3D pen business gift box

- gift box this high-tech speaker

- gift box promotional items cap

- car goodies business gift box

- hair straightener business gift box ...

Thanks to our gift boxes, you will be able to satisfy your employees or your partners without making a false note. To make your corporate gift box unforgettable, we offer you the possibility of personalizing it with the slogan or the logo of your company.

Opt for a cheap gift box

Specialized in the sale of personalized business gifts, we offer more than 5,000 references of gift ideas in our online catalog. You will certainly find the cheap gift box, the cheap men's gift box to offer to your professional entourage. You will be spoiled for choice among our:

- black blue wireless mouse CE gift idea,

- computer office business gift box,

- red key multimedia gift box

- external battery multimedia gift box

- usb promotional items gift box,

- customer gift box set pen,

- umbrella pocket customer gift box,

- PC bag customer gift box

- perfume diffuser customer gift box

- inexpensive box of varied delicacies

- organic tea gift box

- gourmet wine business gift box…

To see current trends, you can check out our bestseller list. It is updated daily for your viewing pleasure. So that the gift box cannot have more impact, consider personalizing it with your logo, slogan or company name. You can also accompany your inexpensive gift box with a small greeting card.