Brandt 3D LED TV

If you are looking for a CE gift worthy of the name, get a Brandt 3D LED TV. Both luxurious and very useful, it is the kind of collaborator gift that will make an impression. What's more, it's a great way to build visibility for your business.

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Offer a CE gift aims to build customer loyalty and enhance your company's brand image. To this end, as much as it is as captivating and striking as possible. This high-tech corporate committee gift model is very popular and especially coveted in today's world.

A very fashionable CE gift: Brandt 3D LED TV

The end of year party is the perfect occasion to offer a custom CE gift to the most deserving. In today's online world, high-tech objects are always welcome. Impress your customers and employees with this B4502 UHD TV with a 45-inch screen. The latter has a 4K standard which guarantees the presence of a TNT HD tuner. It is also equipped with direct LED backlighting, a multimedia USB port and a digital recorder. Direct LED technology consists of illuminating the image by LEDs distributed under the entire surface of the screen. This results in better contrast and uniform brightness. Receiving this type of works council gift from you is undisputed proof of your interest in your employees.

Prestigious CE gift to offer to seduce

Do you want to enrich your range of works council gifts and offer an unforgettable present? There is a whole catalog of original gifts that you can offer to your employees. Considering the place of technology in everyday life, high-tech products are a wise choice. By offering this state-of-the-art technological innovation, you will easily earn the admiration and respect of your devotees.

A cheap tailor-made corporate committee gift

High-tech does not always rhyme with exorbitant prices. You can totally find a TV 3d led personalized at a discount price. Many suppliers offer this kind of personalized CE gift at a lower cost. You can acquire a quality product without emptying your account.

Multimedia USB port
The USB port allows you to plug in your USB key / hard drive to listen to your music, view your photos or watch videos in MPEG4, DivX and AVI format.

Digital recorder via USB
The PVR (Personal Video Recording) function integrated in the television offers the possibility of recording programmes directly onto an optional USB stick or external hard drive connected to the television's USB socket.

The B4502 UHD is equipped with 3 HDMI ports, a video input and a USB port.

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