The gift card, a mind-blowing EC gift!

Several times a year, you can improve the purchasing power of the employees in your company. To do this, the best solution is the gift card. This payment method offers a multitude of advantages, in addition to facilitating purchases. In addition, the gift card allows you to please your employees by improving their purchasing power. If you are looking for a CE gift, a Christmas present or an original last minute gift, bet on the gift card, the corporate committee gift card. For the purchase of a corporate gift card or the purchase of a corporate gift card for customers, trust us. We offer a wide selection of gift cards, corporate gift cards, online gift cards, and gift cards suitable for all budgets and needs. Cheap gift cards!

The gift card, version 2.0 of the gift voucher

The gift card is the advanced version of the gift voucher. This is a magnetic or chip card used in exchange for a product or service, provided that the merchant accepts the method of payment. The gift card is very popular for its great purchasing flexibility. Individuals and businesses can have gift cards. therefore multi-brand gift cards. We can advise you on where to buy gift cards.

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How the gift card works

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one or their employees is not always easy. The gift card is therefore the right solution. Those who benefit from it can go to the partner stores and choose the gift they like themselves, within the limit of the amount of the card. There are two types of gift cards: single-brand gift cards and multi-brand gift cards. The single-brand gift card can be used in a specific brand, while the multi-brand gift card can be used in networks of different brands, a single chain of stores, or for a single theme. The purchase of a corporate gift card is made easy. You can use a gift card to make one or more purchases. For the card to be usable, it must be activated. This is done in a few clicks, with the first purchase or payment in the store or dedicated point of sale. Depending on the brand, the gift card is valid for 12 to 24 months from its validation date.

The gift card: for whom?

The gift card is intended for everyone. Whether you are a private individual or a business owner, the gift card is all you need to please those around you, your employees and partners. Moreover, all occasions are perfect to offer a gift card. Through the gift card, you can congratulate your employees on their work or even congratulate them on their commitment. You can also give gift cards to your business partners on the occasion of your company's anniversary. All you have to do is purchase a corporate gift card or purchase a customer corporate gift card from specialized stores. Note, however, that the gift card should not only be used to strengthen relations between the company and its employees. You can also offer gift cards to your customers and prospects. This approach will create a close relationship with your targets and encourage them to buy your products and / or services.

The gift card, in the list of favorite gifts of the French

Gift cards are generating more and more enthusiasm among the French, both in B2B and B2C. This form of reward is particularly appreciated for its practicality. About ten years ago, the Deloitte firm carried out studies on the subject. It emerged that gift cards, along with gift vouchers, are among the favorite gifts of the French, just after cash and clothing. But this ranking has been somewhat upset by the proliferation of high-tech product offers. This propelled gift cards, and therefore multi-brand gift cards, to second place, behind cash. It is also important to note that France ranks second among European countries using gift cards, after Great Britain.

The corporate gift card, bright days ahead

It did not take a long time for the gift card to become anchored in the consumption habits of the French. Businesses and the EC increasingly appreciate this practice. Fifteen years after the creation of this product, we would expect a market of around three billion euros. Regarding the corporate gift card, its interest is to please and retain employees. By offering this type of advantage, the company develops its attractiveness. It is the direct employer or the social and economic committee that offers the company gift card, the company committee gift card to employees, as part of social and cultural activities. But where to buy gift cards? Where can I buy a corporate customer gift card?

The corporate gift card, a strong impact on your employees

The business gift card has replaced the business gift voucher. You are a business manager and you are considering offering a gift card to your employees. Having a direct impact on the method of purchase, the corporate gift card is very popular. With the card, your employees can not only get a discount, but also acquire any product of the associated brand. Offering a company gift card to your employees is a way of expressing your gratitude for their involvement in the development of the company, a way of showing them that you appreciate their work. You thus maintain their motivation and their involvement at work, which enhances the quality of life at work. With the corporate gift card, the purchasing power of your employees will increase, without you having to pay contributions. As this is a benefit in kind, employees do not have to submit any social or social payment. They can use the total value of the card at the sign indicated.

The corporate gift card, an effective tool for HR

According to a study, only 6 % of French people really feel concerned about their work. To strengthen the bond with their employees, companies have found the solution: offer a corporate gift card. This gesture has repercussions on the productivity of your employees. The gift card would make the employee happier, and incidentally more productive. In addition, by rewarding employees, the company is sure to get a good return on investment. Human resources use corporate gift cards to reward and motivate employees. The system makes it possible, for example, to reward the “best employee of the month” for having achieved the objectives that he has set for himself. The corporate gift card is also an excellent way to promote the well-being of employees, and occasionally to promote and improve the employer brand. Employees thus become ambassadors of the company thanks to this recognition towards them and this reward which goes beyond “simple” salary. The fact of offering a corporate gift card, even a cheap gift card, has a direct impact on reducing turnover.

What type of gift cards for your employees?

Corporate gift cards are an effective marketing lever. Brands have understood this. This is the reason why the number of gift cards and brands are almost identical. It is obvious that you will only offer your employees the most popular gift cards. You should know that single-brand gift cards are very popular with works councils. These corporate committee gift cards are associated with a single brand or name and can be inexpensive gift cards. Thus brands such as Fnac, Ikea, Amazon or Decathlon provide a gift card in their name. You will find a multitude of companies specializing in the issuance of corporate committee gift cards, inexpensive gift cards, including: Wedoogift, Hello CE, Kadeos, Illicado, La Carte Cadeau ... Gift cards, although they are cards cheap gift, provide access to a multitude of products or services: purchase of high tech products, consumer goods, films, books, music, seats for musical shows, theater or cinema, travel, subscriptions to sports halls or clubs, admission to leisure parks, etc.

The interest of the works council gift card

The works council gift card, whether dematerialized or not, represents a real asset for the company. The gift card is an effective tool to build loyalty among your employees and customers, and to develop your attractiveness, since it strengthens ties with beneficiaries. Better yet, the works council gift card will please them. Using the gift card will help you expand your professional network. Although the corporate gift card is in principle an advantage granted by the employer in return for work, it is exempt from the payment of social security contributions and contributions. It is the works council (CE) or the social and economic committee (CSE) which acquires and then redistributes these gift cards to employees. If your company has less than 50 employees, you do not have to go through a company committee for the purchase of a corporate gift card and the purchase of a customer corporate gift card. You will have cheap gift cards easily.

The framework for awarding the works council gift card

Works council gift cards are not subject to social security contributions and contributions under certain conditions. The amount of gift cards awarded to the employee during the calendar year does not exceed 5 % of the monthly Social Security ceiling (€ 169 in 2019). If this threshold is exceeded, you must check whether the following 3 conditions are met: - The works council gift card is awarded on the occasion of: birth or adoption, marriage or PACS, retirement , Father's or Mother's Day, St. Catherine, Christmas for employees and children up to the age of 16 in the calendar year, back to school for children under 26 in the year of allocation of the gift card. - The works council gift card is used only in associated stores or department store departments. - Their amount must not exceed the monthly ceiling provided for by the Urssaf per event. Company committee gift cards can be combined if they meet the monthly threshold. You can also offer a works council gift card as part of an incentive. Note, however, that the works council gift card will be subject to social security contributions from the 1st euro.

The budget for the corporate committee gift card

The works council is the one that sets up social and cultural works in a company. It also manages economic activities, acting for the benefit of employees. To carry out its missions, it has two distinct budgets: the operating budget and the budget for social and cultural activities. The first covers expenses associated with the committee's activity (management costs, travel, communication with employees, etc.). The second budget dedicated to social works improves the working and living conditions of all the company's employees. It is this budget that is allocated for the purchase of corporate committee gift cards and various subsidies. Before purchasing company committee gift cards, your company committee must take into account certain criteria in view of the number of gift card issuers, including multi-brand gift cards. You need to carefully study the issuer's offer. Is it a single-brand or multi-brand offer? The second solution is the most interesting, since the beneficiaries of the company committee gift card can choose a multitude of products. Also refer to the amounts offered by each issuer.

Offer a gift card online

Over the years, habits have evolved. This is also the case with the gift card. Its shape has been revisited. Indeed, the democratization of the Internet has facilitated the dematerialization of gift cards. Your employees, partners and any other beneficiary of the gift card will no longer have to go to partner brands to make their purchases. From now on, they will be able to carry out the transaction online thanks to the online gift card. The online gift card is the perfect gift to give to those around you. This is a unique gift that will give great pleasure. Are you looking for a corporate committee gift card, an online gift card, a cheap gift card? Wondering where to buy gift cards? We make it easy for you to buy a business gift card, an online gift card, a multi-brand or single-brand gift card. You are wondering “where to find my Cadostore gift card, my Jules gift card, my Cultura gift card, my Sephora gift card, my Swarovski gift card or my I-Run gift card,”. In addition to these cards, we offer a variety of online mono-brand gift card offers: - Amazon gift card - Decathlon gift card - Le Temps Des Cerises gift card - Yves Rocher gift card - Celio gift card - Palais des gift card Teas - Bergamotte gift card - Jardiland gift card - etc.

We also have online multi-brand gift cards or multi-brand gift cards: - Illicado gift card - Spirit Of Cadeau gift card - Wedoogift gift card - Cadhoc gift card - Gift card The Gift Card - Klepierre gift card - Whiskey gift card - Lille Opera gift card - etc.

The e gift card

The upsurge in new technologies has made it possible to dematerialize gift cards. This is how the e gift card was born, the online version of the gift card or online gift card. If you are looking for an original gift to offer to those around you, opt for the e gift card, the e business committee gift card. Usable online, the e card allows you to please your loved ones or your employees, and at the same time control your budget down to the penny. Indeed, the recipient can buy the products or services of his choice, but within the limit of the amount that you have chosen. Find multi-brand e gift cards and single-brand e gift cards with us.

The difference between the e gift card and the classic gift card

The e gift card, or online gift card, is a voucher to be used on the Internet. Its amount is variable. Unlike the classic gift card, the e gift card can only be used online. Thanks to this dematerialized gift card, you will only shop at partner online stores. The online gift card is used as a credit card. The gift card cannot be exchanged or refunded. It can be used on one or more occasions, until the end of its validity period (ranging from 1 to 10 years). There are different variants of e gift cards, adapting to all budgets, desires and needs: the e single brand gift card, the e multi brand gift card, and the thematic e gift card. The single brand gift card in particular constitutes a real means of payment. This gift card is the most used during Christmas periods. The best-selling gift cards are: - The Zara gift card, for shopping, - The Galerie Lafayette gift card, to buy clothes and various fashion accessories, - The Fnac gift card, for enthusiasts of reading and technology, - The e Google Play gift card, for application enthusiasts - The e westock europe gift card, for wellness weekends and exceptional stays throughout Europe.

The gift card: how does it work?

The gift card, like the classic gift card, covers a multitude of areas. She helps to offer gifts to everyone's tastes. Without a doubt, this is the perfect last minute gift. If you have decided to offer a gift card to those around you, go to the site of your choice to get it. Select the gift card that suits you: the multi-brand gift card, thematic gift card, etc. Personalize the card after indicating the amount to be spent by its beneficiary and send it by email. If not, print it out and surprise the recipient. To activate the gift card online and make purchases, the lucky holder must enter the code appearing in the email or on the card on the site where you purchased the corporate gift card. Whether it is a single-brand gift card or a multi-brand gift card, its holder can spend it once or several times until the credit expires. He can also consult the remaining credit at any time on the site in question.

The e multi-brand gift card in a few lines

The e multi-brand gift card is a version of the e gift card. It can be spent in a multitude of areas: beauty, sport, travel, leisure, high tech, gastronomy… Thanks to the e multi-brand gift card, the recipient can access several shops and e-commerce sites. It is a full-fledged means of payment that will appeal to everyone, whether it is your family or your employees. In addition, this gift will fit all budgets and will satisfy all desires. The multi-brand gift cards are also available in thematic gift cards. These include special tourism gift cards, gourmet boxes, culture vouchers, and thrill-seeking gift cards.

You can buy your multi-brand e gift card, your corporate gift card in different ways: on a reseller's website, an online store or directly from the physical store of your choice. You can also order your e gift card from us. We are provide all kinds of gift cards, online gift cards and gift cards.