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Perfect for thanking or rewarding an employee. the customer gift allows to maintain a quality commercial relationship, even if this method remains classic it allows to obtain effective results with the customers.From a box of chocolates to a bottle of wine or sparkling wine, the family of end of year customer gift has expanded to include high-tech items and everyday items. Some groups go as far as offering holidays. As a marketing lever, the customer gift is also subject to a specific tax policy, but also by aspects allowing its deductibility from the company's income.

 When to give a customer gift to associates?

There are several opportunities to offer customer gift ideas to your employees. Whether it's for the signing of a new contract, for a partner's birthday, to build customer loyalty, or simply to launch a communication campaign for a new product or service. 

End of year customer gift 

The customer gift in the year is a way to thank your employees and it is the real New Year at the same time. It is an effective way to value your customer and show them your appreciation. This practice is part of the weapons and customs in today's society. It even happens that in some companies where they are used to distributing gifts, customers wait for their end-of-year gift during the holiday season. It is therefore necessary to stand out from the competition by innovating in terms of gifts with unique personalised gifts that correspond to the customer's interests. Opt for a gift that will really please and surprise your interlocutors by its originality. 

When concluding a contract, partnership or major deal

The signing of the contract is a crucial moment to strengthen and consolidate the business relationship and is the perfect opportunity to offer a business gift to your new partner.  However, make sure that your gift is offered after the signing of your contract, otherwise you risk offering a valuable gift without future collaboration with the partner. ABe careful not to confuse a possible correction with a thank you. Your prospect could take it the wrong way.

For the launch of a new product or service

 The delivery of a customer gift at the launch is an excellent way to increase the impact of your offer in the minds of your customers. you show your company's visibility to your prospects

During a trade fair

Goodies have almost become a habit, advertising objects personalised with the image of your business. Offered at seminars and trade fairs, they represent an interesting lever to open the doors of dialogue and to remind your interlocutors later.

For other types of events 

An important appointment in your company, a change of premises, a special year where objectives have been reached or even exceeded... there are many events and opportunities to capitalise on an enriched relationship.

Why give a customer gift?

Offer business gifts This creates a reciprocal relationship between you and your customers, and the customer will naturally turn to you for help when needed. A company can thank an employee through a gift for doing something beneficial to the company. The employee will feel valued by this action and will carry it out more often.

The different types of customer gifts

 There are different types of gifts with different values. 

  • Gifts have obvious advantages for your short and long term marketing activities:

Gourmet baskets, electronic gadgets, wine, Touch pad etc. the customer gift allows to create and perpetuate commercial relationships.  it is a real loyalty tool to compensate the customer for attracting possible prospects.

  • The customer thank-you gift allows you to stay present in the minds of your employees thanks to a personalised gift with your image or which is related to your company. They play a double role in pleasing and remaining present in the minds of your employees.

You only have to ask the sales people who discover on the desk of their best contacts a beautiful diary with the logo of their main competitor...  You can harmonize it killed your relations with your suppliers, partner one is zofran of the small present to perpetuate the commercial exchanges.Don't forget to pay particular attention to those who will accompany you in your development.

3 features to add value to your gift 

  • Whatever gift you are going to give to your employees, it must have value in the eyes of the recipient. 
  •  The customer gift must have a surprise effect (don't offer the same gift all the time, otherwise the customer will get tired of your gift)
  • Personalising the gift

Customer gifts and taxation

The end of year customer gifts are deductible expenses and not limited by tax law. The client gift must be offered in the interest of the company's activity. It is strongly advised to keep a register with all customer gifts in order to prove the interest of the gifts in case of control by the administration.the amount of the gift should not be excessive, the value should be calculated on a case-by-case basis depending on the turnover.It is rare that the deductibility of a client gift is questioned by the administration except in the case of suspicion of an illicit gift.On the other hand, if the deductible customer gifts reach €3,000 per year, it is especially important to fill in the declaration n°2067 (statement of overheads for companies) or box F of the declaration n°2031 (for sole proprietorships) of the tax return. Advertising objects (samples and small objects of an advertising nature) with a unit value of up to €69 including VAT since 2016 are not to be declared.

Conditions for giving a customer gift

Customer gifts VAT

The value added tax, gift client vat can be recovered by a company if the purchase price of the gift pencil is 69 € TTC maximum per year and per recipient. The total of €69 including VAT must include all costs related to the gifts, delivery costs, packaging costs and postage.

A concrete example to illustrate:

You want to offer a customer gift to one of your employees.

The customer gift costs 50 € with delivery costs of 10 € and packaging costs of 5 € the total price of the customer gift to consider 57 € (50+10+5). Your customer gift is then eligible for the deduction of the customer gift VAT, the total does not exceed 69 €. 

Promotional items (pens, key rings), product samples or those made to thank loyal employees (gift baskets, chocolates, etc.) are considered to be customer gifts. 

gifts related to hunting and fishing are not considered as customer gifts, they will not benefit from the customer gift deduction.

In the event of an inspection, public services may require proof of the usefulness of the customer gift ideas. It is therefore strongly recommended to list the different gifts offered and the context. Finally, it should be noted that this limit for so-called small-value surprises will be re-evaluated in 2021, in proportion to the variation in the monthly index of consumer prices excluding tobacco for all households and rounded up to the next European currency.

Tax-deductible customer gift

In order to qualify as a tax-deductible expense, customer gifts must be considered by the tax authorities to be in the company's interest.

 Non-tax deductible customer gift

Customer gifts whose value is disproportionate to the size of the company's workforce and earnings and to the identity of the customer or partner to whom the gift is given are excluded from the scope of expenses deductible from taxable profits.

Which customer gift to give to employees

The customer gift must meet a few criteria; It must correspond and for a young person the image of a company. It must please the designer and be adapted to the budget. Adapt yourself to your interlocutor in order to better target his or her interests, by offering a personalised customer gift. offers 100 % customisable gifts to make your customer gift unique.Customised mugs, connected watches, decorative objects, digital photo frames - here you'll find plenty of ideas for end-of-year customer gifts. t

Types of customer gifts

There are several types of customer gifts that are appreciated by companies, such as gift cards and customer gift vouchers. The gifts can be in the form of vouchers or an activity such as a weekend, a voucher for a restaurant...

  • Modern high-tech customer gifts are tablets, laptops, solar powered desk lamps, cameras/multimedia, pouches/bags etc.
  • Luxury gifts for privileged clients: watches, luggage, fashion, beauty, etc.
  • Organic/sustainable development gifts: wooden objects, organic gifts, donations to a humanitarian/ecological association, etc. Organic gifts are not the current trend, but they must be consistent with your company.
  • The indisputable culinary gifts: chocolates, champagnes, wines, spirits, etc.

If you are spoilt for choice, opt for gourmet customer gifts: you are almost certain to please without making a mistake. On the other hand, the quality must be impeccable: it is unthinkable to send a cheap culinary gift to your customers.In our online catalogue you will find a variety of high quality gift baskets for your customers.

Gift vouchers

The gift voucher and a voucher offered by the company to its employees to business partners.Many companies nowadays offer gift vouchers to their deserving employees on the occasion of special events such as births, weddings, birthdays, etc. Gift vouchers are a great way to make the employees who receive them happy. The company gift voucher can be used to purchase thousands of items in several company stores. There is an increase in employee productivity in companies that offer employee gift vouchers and other corporate gifts. All conditional gifts are exempt from social security contributions.

 Original customer gift idea

The advertising gift is a medium in its own right to communicate on the launch of a new product or simply to make your organisation known. 81% of people who have received Christian promotional items the company name is a real marketing tool for your prospects. The customer gift is very relevant for the visibility and awareness of a company.To help you find the perfect gift, we offer a wide selection of gifts for men, women and children. Whatever your sector of activity, you will find your ideal gift in a few clicks on our website. High-tech gifts, personalised goodies, birthday gifts, promotional pens, here you will find the best promotional gifts at unbeatable prices on the market. 

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