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The corporate gift strengthens your relationship with your customers and employees. 90 % corporate gifts are kept for more than a year which allows you to stay in the mind of your customers for a long time through your corporate gifts personalised with your logo. An original personalised customer gift idea will continually convey your image to your target audience. Finding an original corporate gift idea is not so simple, especially when you want to aim high. You want to thank your employees, impress them but you don't know yet what would please them, opt for our original customer gifts. The ideal customer gift is Custom high-tech ! We have a rich and varied catalog with many customer gifts, so come find your happiness in our catalog of customer gifts.

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The customer gift: a gesture to perpetuate your commercial relationship

The customer gift is a corporate advertising and promotional gift that complements your company's marketing. The customer gift also allows you to build customer loyalty. As a manager of a large or small company, you must at all costs satisfy and retain your customers. offers you a wide range of original gifts. Offering a Customer gift to your employees allows you to stand out from your competitors.

Qsome tips for finding your customer gift

Based on the tastes and passions that your client gave you a glimpse of during your interviews. Is he passionate about music? A wireless bluetooth speaker will allow him to enjoy his favorite playlist at any time. For travel enthusiasts, give him a customer gift touchscreen tablet to relax on the move or on a family trip.

Surprise him with a personalized customer gift that is a unique gift designed especially for a specific person.

Choose an original customer gift idea from our selection of customer gifts.


On what occasion to offer a customer gift?

Awarded your best customer with a end of year customer gift.

Whatever the occasion, it is interesting to celebrate a key date to reinforce your links between partners, for example the date of your first collaboration, signing of a contract or your first action together. With a personalised customer gift, the recipient will understand how much you care and will also appreciate the time you took to choose a gift for them, a real mark of consideration. On Hightech gifts we offer you a wide range of gift ideas for all your occasions. Make the difference with an original customer gift and build loyalty with your customers, partners, the corporate customer gift also participates in a positive communication of your company. A communication that reflects esteem and consideration to your employees.






High-Tech customer gift idea

From cheap customer gifts at the end of the year The high-tech product continues to be a big hit in the corporate gift market. Whether it is for a special occasion, such as the end of year celebrations, or simply to thank an employee, the corporate gift is valued and appreciated by customers.
The high-tech customer gift has been booming for a few years. A study of the business gift and incentive market in 2017, the high-tech customer gift comes first! While in 2015, the percentage of companies that handed in a technology product was 29%, this jumped to 32.5% last year.
Reconciling technology & trend, the high-tech customer gift meets with success in terms of professional gifts: connected object, multimedia device, computer science, hifi, sound… What attracts the technology gift? Surely the appeal of the high tech product of the moment, novelty, originality, modernity. The pleasure of having a fashionable product

Some customer gift ideas

We offer you gift ideas to thank your employees and maintain your lasting commercial relations.

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art gift? for a woman or a man passionate about hi-tech? you are in the right place since you will find on our page a selection of high-tech gifts for your corporate gifts.

    • Touch pad
    • Computer
    • High-tech computer / tablet accessories

Make your employees happy by offering them an original corporate gift that stands out from the crowd, an authentic gift that they will no doubt appreciate.

Find the original customer gift that will make an impact with your employees in one click on specialist in corporate gifts.

End of year customer gift idea

Find your customer gift ideas on high tech gifts. The search for the perfect corporate gift is a crucial step in building customer loyalty and rewarding your clients. We offer you personalised end of year customer gift ideas that will please the recipient. Connected gadgets, USB keys, watches, key rings...often it is a man or a woman that you want to thank more than a company through the Christmas customer gift that you offer.
We help you find the customer gift ideal, the rare pearl.
Stand out from the crowd and offer a lasting and original end-of-year customer gift to your employees through our online customer gift catalog.
Retaining your customers has never been so easy!

A customer gift idea that reflects your corporate values

The customer gift you are going to give reflects your values, which is why it should mean something to you too. Because the business gift A professional gift is an excellent communication tool to convey your company's values and your professional image. Whether it's a compta gift, an original customer gift or an end of year gift, the nature of the gift shows your esteem and consideration for the recipient. Then, you can express your professional esteem through our original customer gifts, communicate future prospects, congratulate etc. You can communicate this with a short note that accompanies the gift. Find the perfect customer gift idea on Hightech gifts, the specialist in corporate gifts. Moreover, we advise you to hand over your end of year customer gift for companies. By giving attention to your gesture of thanks, you give added value to your action. It is also simply respecting your interlocutors who will feel more considered.

How to find the right customer gift idea for the end of the year?

How to renew oneself in terms of customer gift ideas for employees while giving pleasure and controlling one's budget with cheap original customer gifts? What types of gifts can we offer simply for the end of the year celebrations? The end of the year celebrations are approaching and you are wondering which original customer gift idea for your customers or your collaborators, you are in the right place original customer gifts galore. Lots of original customer gift ideas to help you hit the mark. Find the perfect gift that will please everyone without exception with more than 2000 referencing on our site. Find the solution, for a customer gift box perfect for celebrating the holidays with a Christmas customer gift or the new year in your company with High Tech Gifts.

Bet on originality with our customer gifts

Hightech Gifts offers a multitude of choices of inexpensive end-of-year customer gifts.

You will choose quality models at a low price thanks to our tailor-made creation service with a wealth of experience of several years.
With a team of experienced graphic designers, our team offers you a selection of personalised articles in fast delivery according to your tastes.


An original and inexpensive customer gift:

It is not always easy to find a customer gift idea when you have a small budget, we offer a selection of inexpensive end-of-year customer gifts. Customer gift idea less than € 15.
Enough to make several gifts to please your employees without breaking the bank. Our inexpensive end-of-year customer gifts are of quality, it is not the price that makes one gift more happy than another. It is the attention that we will pay to choose it and also its originality. Indeed, it is very important to take the time to choose the right gift in order to please the person who will have the honor of receiving your present. A gift of 10 € will be just as happy as another, just consult this our online catalog to realize it. Indeed, among our selection of end-of-year customer gift ideas, you will be spoiled for choice. Original, fun, decorative gifts, everything is present in this list of products. select a product from our list of Bestsellers. It is updated daily so you will find cheap end of year customer gifts on trend.

VAT customer gift: deductibility and declaration

The customer gift vat is a common practice for companies in the context of end-of-year customer gifts and commercial relations. The corporate Christmas gift vat is subject to specific tax regulations.
Gifts to customers offered by the company are deductible from taxable profits when they are offered in the interest of the good functioning or development of the company.
If the gifts exceed €3,000 per year, the company must fill in the declaration n°2067 (statement of general expenses for companies) or box F of the declaration n°2031 (for sole proprietorships) of the tax return.
A company can also recover the VAT on customer gifts when the cost or purchase price of the gift offered is up to €69 per year and per beneficiary.
The business manager must be vigilant in the use of original customer gifts because the tax administration is very strict in the event of non-compliance with the applicable legislation.

The customer gift that you offer to your employees must correspond to your company's image. The customer gift allows you to stay in the mind of your customers through an advertising object. It is a real advertising weapon. To help you in the choice of your gifts for cheap customers. We have elaborated especially for you the selection of best sales customer gift. In order to choose your customer gift you must first establish your action plan, choose your target, the socio-professional category as well as the centres of interest of your targets. All of our corporate gifts can be personalised with your logo, a slogan, an image or even the name of your client on the gift you have chosen if you wish.

What budget for a customer gift

On Highech gifts you will find the gift box cases We offer a wide range of corporate gifts, depending on the person and your budget. Our corporate gifts range in price from a few euros to several hundred euros or much more for luxury corporate gifts. We have cheap corporate gifts of good quality that can be personalised such as a USB key, a pen box, a mug, notepad ...

For those who wish to offer a luxury corporate gift, you will have a wide choice of touch pads, computers, flat screens….

Our team remains at your disposal if you need help in your search for corporate gifts. You can contact us directly by phone or send us an email via the website. Requests for quotes are processed very quickly with a fast delivery time. Cadeaux hightech has been specialising in corporate gifts for many years and offers you high quality gifts with original personalisation.



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