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In France, giving gifts to customers at the end of the year is a true tradition of capital importance. Do you want to offer an original customer gift? Indeed, it is one of the best ways for the company to reward their customers. It's also a great way to thank them for their loyalty throughout the year. By offering corporate end-of-year gifts, the company makes its customers understand that they are part of the big family of the brand. However, it is clear that giving a gift to your client can quickly become a real headache. The choice is so vast that it is not easy to navigate. If you are thinking of giving an original end-of-year customer gift for the holiday season, follow the guide ...

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 The value of offering a corporate gift during the holiday season

There are many good reasons to offer a customer gift at the end of the year. Indeed, the effectiveness of customer gift is no longer to prove. Many companies are now adopting this relevant communication tactic. Numerous studies have been carried out which confirmed that customers who received end-of-year gifts for customers ordered more frequently than others. So, why not give your privileged customer an original customer gift? If you are still hesitant to adopt this marketing technique, below are some of the top reasons for giving a business year-end customer gift.

To thank customers at the right time

Each year, with the approach of the holidays, companies draw up their annual balance sheets. It is from the results of the latter that they can deduce whether the year was successful for the company or not. The end of the year holidays are the best time to show your gratitude to your customers. Giving a year-end customer gift may at first glance seem like a trivial act. However, be aware that it is a real effective lever to retain and engage them. Give them end-of-year gifts for clients. For your communication strategy to be effective, it is essential to choose the reward well. The latter should be well thought out, attractive, original and personalized! Take advantage of the festive atmosphere of the end of the year to thank a customer gift box ! They can only appreciate your gesture. Thanking your customers allows you to bring continuity to your relationship. This is one of the best ways to start the New Year off right.

To retain your customers

As we all know, retaining a customer is very important to the financial health of a business. Indeed, a company which does not have many customers risks going bankrupt quickly. As you will have understood, it is therefore crucial to retain your customers. Customer loyalty remains one of the best strategies to adopt to rapidly develop a business. A loyal customer who is satisfied with your products and services will automatically become your ambassador. He will advertise your company to those around him. Otherwise, if he is not satisfied, you will risk a "bad buzz". Caution is therefore in order. According to a study, the probability of selling a product to a loyal customer is between 60 % and 70 %, while it is only 5 % to 20 % for a new prospect. To effectively retain customers, there are several ways, such as cheap end-of-the-year customer gifts.

To build a good brand image

There are many gift ideas for customers at the end of the year. Companies will be spoiled for choice among the thousandcustomer giftavailable in the market. The end of the year is the best time to spoil your best customers. Choose the best reward carefully so that your customers won't forget about you next year. They will have a very good image of your company thanks to your end-of-year customer gift. So, why not build a good brand image for yourself by giving out year-end customer gifts? Know that the brand image can have a major impact on your turnover. It is therefore vital to take care of this image in order to avoid many unpleasant surprises. It designates all the mental and emotional representations as well as the value judgments associated with a brand. The brand image can therefore be compared to the notion of “reputation”.

The criteria to take into account to find the right corporate gift

Today, end-of-year customer gifts abound on the market. You will be spoiled for choice of end-of-year customer gift. However, faced with this embarrassment, many companies are unable to find the right customer gift for the end of the year. Find a customer gift idea is not obvious. And it can't be decided in 5 minutes. This choice requires careful consideration. Find your inexpensive end-of-year gift from our range.

Who to offer it to?

First of all, it is important to know to whom you are going to offer the end of year customer gift. It should be noted that a company can offer an end-of-year customer gift to its employees, its collaborators, its customers... The types of gifts to be offered to them are different and should be well chosen. You must therefore think carefully before acting. You must determine your target group and the number of people involved. For example, if you want to reward an important and loyal customer with an end-of-year customer gift, you will not choose the same type of gift as you gave to your employees. You may well favour your best customers. So you need to sort out before you think about the type of end of year customer gift. <If you have a VIP client, give them a business gift box luxury. Consider offering useful and original gifts.

Focus on quality

Nowadays, there are many companies offering end-of-the-year customer gifts. However, the quality is not always there as we wish! Please pay attention to this important choice criterion. If you are not careful with this, your clients or associates may perceive your giveaway as a lack of investment on your part. They may also think that they might not be that important to you. This can cause a real "bad buzz". So be very careful. Opting for quality end-of-year customer gifts can only work in your favor. Indeed, the type of gift chosen can say a lot about the relationship you have with your customers. For example, if you are offering a touch pad Connected personalized to your customer, the members of his entourage will deduce that you are a serious company which knows how to reward its customers.

Opt for an original business gift

There are many end-of-year customer gifts. Please note that the end of year customer gift must correspond to the recipient. Make the right choice by opting for an original year-end customer gift. If you are used to giving year-end customer gifts, instead of giving the same items every year, think of an original and useful customer gift idea. High-tech gifts are still a safe bet. Bluetooth speaker, wireless mobile chargerThere is something for every taste and budget. By offering an original end of year customer gift, you will create a surprise effect for the target customers who will receive your cheap end of year customer gift. But that's not all, there are many good ideas for end of year customer gifts. By opting for originality, you will be guaranteed to surprise, but also to satisfy your customer.

A few gift ideas for customers at the end of the year

There is no shortage of good gift ideas for customers at the end of the year. There is something for all budgets when it comes to end-of-year customer gifts. We offer a wide range of customizable business end-of-year gifts. More than 2,000 references available on gifts-hightech.fr ! Make your choice ! Enter the category that interests you: audio, images, boxes & packaging, games & toys, telephony & connected, promotional items, photos and videos, computers… There is something for everyone! Below are a few gift ideas for customers at the end of the year ...

Choose the world of IT to find your promotional giveaway

Among the most popular end of year customer gifts are items in the computer world. If you're looking for good ideas for end of year customer gifts, why not opt for a customisable computer product? Offer your customers original and quality end of year gifts that reflect your company's image. A multitude of choices is offered to you with the category best sales customer gift. From simple USB sticks to external hard drives to laptops and tablets, there's no shortage of choice. Treat your privileged customers! We offer discounts throughout the year. Why not take advantage of it now. Choose from the promotional items on our site. Whatever your budget, you will find what you need here: pc, top brand tablet, wireless mouse, mouse pad, etc.

Telephony & connected, a mine of useful gift ideas for customers

Trendy high-tech promotional items are among the best choices for end-of-year customer gifts. In fact, today, in the era of digital technologies, choosing an end-of-year customer gift in the telephony & connected category is the best option to consider to be sure to please your customers. In this category you will find a collection of original high-tech end-of-year customer gift ideas such as connected watches, connected braceletsWe have a wide range of products to choose from, including Bluetooth headsets and accessories for smartphones. It's up to you to choose the customer gift that suits you best and the quantity you want. Selfie headset, headset, virtual reality headset, Bluetooth key ring, tablet cover, hands-free kit, etc. Your target customers will be sure to appreciate your end-of-year customer gift ideas. At a time when companies are finding it increasingly difficult to retain their customers, your target customers will be delighted to receive your year-end customer gift.

Offices & Business, a wide choice of corporate gifts

The business gifts are also a good choice for rewarding your customers during the festive season. You will be able to choose from a wide range of inexpensive holiday gifts. There are also luxury holiday gifts for privileged customers. There are many occasions to offer these types of cheap holiday gifts. The holiday season is the best time. It is the opportunity to reward your most loyal customers as well as your employees. Various gift sets are available, such as pen sets and many other office accessories. Champagne boxes, photo frames, mugs, alarm clock, calculator, watch, desk clock, desk lamp, USA charger, digital weather station... the choice is wide. So what are you waiting for to choose your original end of year customer gifts! You will certainly find inspiration here. Many ideas for end of year customer gifts are available on our website.

Home appliances, lots of good business gift ideas

By simple definition, the term home appliance refers to the set of all devices and tools using electricity. These devices are intended to meet domestic needs. Appliances are divided into two categories, namely, small appliances and large appliances. The first category includes small appliances like blender, multicooker, food processor, vacuum cleaner, iron, etc. The second category i.e. large household appliances includes larger appliances as the name suggests such as stove, washing machine, refrigerator, steam oven, etc. For your large customers, you can make them happy by offering them household appliances. Choose from our products for your cheap end of year customer gifts for customers! A large number of appliances are available to you here: toaster, kettle, coffee machine, waffle iron, cooker, etc. ! There are many cheap end-of-year gift ideas on our site.

The festive season is the best time to spoil your best customers. Opt for an original end of year customer gift! We offer a wide range of cheap customer gifts for all tastes and needs. From inexpensive year-end customer gifts to customer gift ideas If you are looking for a simple and effective end of year gift for your customers, during and even after the holidays.

What end-of-year customer gift idea to offer?

The end of the year is synonymous with happiness and sharing. This involves giving gifts at the end of the year. The end-of-year customer gift in particular plays a major role in these convivial traditions. As part of a corporate communication campaign, the end-of-year customer gift is a real advertising tool. Being able to be a Christmas employee gift, a customer gift, the end-of-year gift shows your recognition and gratitude towards your employees and the thanks of your customers. Finding an end-of-year gift idea is not easy. It is for this reason that we offer you more than 5000 high-end end-of-year gift ideas. In our customer gift catalog you will find men's gifts, women's gifts, sports gifts, geek gifts, etc. Our team will help you find the end-of-year gift idea that fits your budget.

End-of-year customer gifts: a good idea?

Customer gifts are influential and impactful communication tools. These year-end business goodies will improve the image of your company, and enhance your business relationships. These end-of-year corporate gifts will allow you to thank your customers for their trust and retain them. They allow you to convey your brand image. These advertising gifts are considered as real marketing tools that will build good relationships with your customers. They will appreciate the originality and personalization of your end-of-year gifts. It is then advisable to choose your professional gifts with care.
Before giving out customer gifts, know who you are going to give them to. Then determine the budget for the customer gift based on the quantity of personalized goodies to order. Make it a customizable, practical and useful end of year gift.
Gifts given to your clients or business relations for the Christmas season are deductible from your taxable profit under certain conditions:
- gifts must be made in the direct interest of the company.
- The value of the gift must not exceed 69 euros including tax per beneficiary.
If the total amount of the gifts exceeds 3000 euros, you must declare them on the Statement of overheads. In addition, VAT will not be deductible. However, for gifts of low value, you can reclaim VAT.

How to choose your end of year gift idea?

If you are used to offering goodies, advertising items or promotional items during an incentive or a professional event, your end-of-year gift idea must be unique and make an impression. End of year gift ideas are plentiful. Offering an original gift will allow you to stand out from the competition. Vouchers in the form of gift certificates and gift cards are excellent customer gifts. Theme-related business gifts are also all the rage. Whether it's a sport customer gift, a high tech customer gift, a fun customer gift, a gourmet customer gift or a wine customer gift, you must know the profile of each customer before making a choice. Also offer personalized gifts as gifts for your customers.
You will find luxury corporate end of year gifts and inexpensive end of the year corporate gifts. Make your choice according to your end-of-year budget.

A wide choice of end-of-year customer gifts for your professional entourage

Discover special end-of-year offers in our gift catalog to please your professional entourage. Specialized in the distribution of business gifts and corporate gifts, we provide you with nice customer gifts and Christmas employee gifts.
Classic end-of-year gifts are always a treat. In this category we provide you with a wide range of products with neat designs and all styles. Calendars, diaries and notepads are essential advertising objects. To be matched with a luxury pen box and other office items. Umbrellas, items of luggage, leather goods and watches are also good end-of-year gift ideas.
High-tech gadgets and customer gifts are great end-of-year goodies. Among our high-tech end of year gifts, you will find goodies batteries chargers for mobiles, bluetooth speakers, wristbands and connected watches, tablets, external hard drives, fidget ...
Gourmet corporate gifts will also be appreciated. Offer a unique experience and moments of sharing to your customers, employees and gourmet partners thanks to gourmet boxes or gourmet baskets. Assortments of chocolates, premium champagne box, spirits box, foie gras box, bottle of wine, delicatessen ... So many Christmas gift ideas and end-of-year customer gift ideas to discover.
Other nice gifts are also available: electric razors, trimmers, hair dryers, straightening / curling irons, wellness box, beauty box, Swarovski crystal box.
Choose the right end of year gift idea according to your budget.