Desk clock

To show their gratitude, some business leaders have adopted a new tradition. This consists of offering a promotional item / goodies as a reward to retain loyal customers. This custom is an increasingly common practice within a company. If you are in this case and if you are looking for a gift idea, go for a desk clock

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Here is a goodie that will undoubtedly please your customers or employees as a corporate promotional gift. By using high-tech products, you will develop your visibility while enhancing your company. It is an idea of goodies interesting and highly coveted by many people. 

Ultra modern advertising object

To retain as many customers as possible, offering a product at the cutting edge of technology is the best solution. This gesture shows how grateful you are to them. In addition, this Desk Clock is very practical and will easily find its place in any type of workspace. Thanks to its black design color and its original shape, it makes a superb decorative object. It has an LED screen allowing you to view the time and date without constraint. It also has weather forecast, alarm, hydrometer and thermometer functions. Whether at home or at work, this device can prove extremely useful. This is why it represents a wise choice in terms of promotional gift.   

Quality corporate goodies for a dynamic and innovative image

To combine the useful with the pleasant, what could be better than a high-tech company goodies. Most business leaders favor high-tech to please their customers or partners. Offering a personalized advertising object at the cutting edge of technology develops the dynamic and innovative character of the company's image. Likewise, it creates a strong climate of trust, loyalty and sympathy. It is a perfect asset for the image of your brand.

Customizable high-tech promotional gift

In our catalog you will find a selection ofdesk clock for all tastes, styles and shapes. Associate your brand image with this high tech goodies to gain the attention of your business partners and customers. You will convey an innovative image of your company.

Article data
Color : black
Cut : 14 x 8 x 1.8 cm
Net weight : 0.106 kg
Gross weight : 0.170 kg
Carton weight : 3.40 kg / 6.80 kg
Packing : 20 / 40
Material : Plastic
Native country : China
Sample : max. 5
Additional Information : AAA / LR03 / AM4

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