Intense black external battery

The external battery has become an essential accessory essential for everyday life. It is needed to charge your devices when you are in an area where you do not have access to electricity. To please your customers, why not offer them one as a promotional item?

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To develop the notoriety of your company, offer goodies is a successful technique. Indeed, this advertising object is used to retain your customers. You can also offer them one to thank them. This advertising accessory is also essential to bring better visibility to your business. It is a necessary tool to develop your marketing strategy.

Goodies with great autonomy

This promotional item is a very practical accessory. It has a long battery life, which allows you to charge all your mobile devices, including your smartphones, digital tablets, iPads, mp3 and mp4 players, GPS, etc. This promotional gift does not need an electrical source to recharge your battery, which is safe because you will not risk any damage to your devices. If your customers are real gamers or if your employees use their Smartphone in intensive or moderate mode, this accessory is the solution to avoid battery failure.

Goodies transportable everywhere

One of the specificities of this promotional item is that it can be used in different situations. Indeed, with a compact size, it can be taken anywhere. This external battery can be used to charge your device when traveling by plane or car, when you are on public transport to and from work. This personalized promotional item can also be used while jogging or when you go shopping. In short, this accessory is suitable for all circumstances.

Modern style goodies

This advertising object is appreciated for its modern and sober form. Even with its classic design, it remains sleek and aesthetic. All you have to do is customize it. Engrave your company logo on it to provide better visibility. You can also congratulate your customers with personal messages.

Specificities : Integrated flashlight
Capacity : 4400 mAh
Battery level indicator : No
Power output (amperage per port) Help : 1.5 A
Number of USB ports : 1
Cable included : Micro USB
Colors : Black

Dimensions : W x H x D 9.7 x 4.4 x 2.2 cm
Weight : 200.0 g

Information and Services
Availability of spare parts (supplier data) : Not concerned
Environmental data : Make an eco-citizen gesture, recycle this product at the end of its life!

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