Samsung virtual reality headset

Are you looking for a promotional item / goodies to satisfy your customers? Choose the Samsung virtual reality headset. It is a high-tech accessory that will serve as entertainment for your prospects and thus delight them. It is a very good idea as a promotional item.

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With the everyday routine, give the Samsung Virtual Reality Headset to entertain your customers. Indeed, it is an ideal promotional gift for special occasions or as a reward. What could be better than offering a advertisment object that will serve customers on a daily basis?

A promotional gift for entertainment

Nowadays it is quite difficult to find a time slot for entertainment. This applies to everyone: students, office workers, managers and even housewives. The number of tasks is increasing and the free time obtained is only used to rest and regain strength. But with this promotional gift They will be able to enjoy their entertainment even at home. A useful promotional item/goodies is often what customers want as opposed to frivolous promotional items that do not serve them in their daily lives. This way you can get a good rating from your prospects by offering this promotional gift.

High tech goodies with multiple characteristics

The virtual reality headset Samsung is a high-tech promotional gift. It is possible to watch 3D videos and video games with a 101 degree viewing angle. In addition, the sound emitted is in partial 3D, which really gives the impression of natural sound surrounding the user. The goodies can be adjusted using two buttons on the right-hand side, and connection is via a USB Type-C or Micro-B port.

A promotional gift that can be personalised according to your tastes

Add a touch of personalisation to the front of this promotional item. Put your company logo on it so that the user is constantly reminded of your existence. A personalised promotional item is always the best way to be omnipresent with your social actors.

Optimal comfort
With its very light weight of 307g with bezel only and 439g - 478 with smartphone, its advanced ergonomics, adjustable straps, headband and polyurethane protective padding, you will enjoy optimal comfort even after long use. You won't even know you're wearing it!
You can also adjust the focal length to suit your individual needs.

An immersive visual and sound experience
Enjoy a unique and quality experience with the 42mm lenses. Its accelerometer, gyrometer and presence sensors follow the movements of the head and produce the impression of looking around you, so you'll be at the heart of an enhanced experience.

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Contents of the box
- Gear VR for Galaxy S6/ S6 edge/ S6 edge +/S7, S7 edge/S8
- USB type C and Micro-B smartphone connector
- USB Type C to Micro-B Adapter
- Manual

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