Gray and blue bagless vacuum cleaner

If you are looking for a promotional item / goodies worthy of the name, buy a gray and blue bagless vacuum cleaner. At the same time design, high-tech and very useful, it is the kind of goodies which will mark the spirits. Plus, it's a great way to boost your visibility.

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Offering a goodie is intended to build customer loyalty and enhance your company's image. To this end, it is best to make it as attractive and prestigious as possible. This model of original promotional gift high-tech is highly valued and especially coveted in today's world.

An ultra-modern promotional item: Grey and blue bagless hoover

With the festive season approaching, it's the perfect opportunity to offer a personalized advertising object to the most deserving. In these days of new technologies, high-tech products are always welcome. Impress your customers and employees with this state-of-the-art household appliance. A bagless hoover with unparalleled performance and technological quality. Equipped with a foam filter and a 4 L container capacity, it offers thorough cleaning of any type of floor or carpet. In addition, it has a noise level of 78 dB and a power variator. The design is made from telescopic metal and is of exemplary quality. Receiving such a promotional item from you is undeniable proof of your interest in your employees or customers.

A unique promotional item of choice

Would you like to enrich your range of promotional goodies and offer an unforgettable present? There is a whole selection of original items you can choose from for your best customers. Given the importance of technology in our daily lives, high-tech products are an interesting choice. By opting for this vacuum without the latest grey and blue bag, you will win the admiration and trust of your followers.

A cheap promotional gift made to measure 

High-tech doesn't always mean unaffordable prices. You can find high-tech promotional gifts at an affordable price. In our catalogue, we offer cheap personalised high-tech items. You can still get a quality product without breaking your budget.

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