Samsung Blu-ray DVD Recorder

The majority of companies, both SMEs and VSEs, use the corporate gift as a means of communication. It is also very effective for building customer loyalty or motivating employees. The choice is wide, but moving towards a high-end corporate gift will have promising positive feedback.

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Nowadays, high-tech products have become business gifts par excellence. Anything that has anything to do with the new technology is a corporate gift prestigious. If you want to promote your brand to the maximum, give a Samsung blu ray dvd recorder.

The ultimate corporate gift: Samsung Blur-ray DVD recorder

This kind of corporate gift personalized will make a useful object for your customers and will easily find its place in the middle of the living room. This renowned brand is the ideal solution to enjoy movies and get the best immersion. It has a full HD image quality that allows you to see all the details and gives you a true cinematic experience. It offers a high-definition experience in 2D or 3D depending on the film. To top it all off, it has built-in Wi-Fi so it can be easily connected to the home network. The user will have access to the Samsung Smart Hub including online services. In addition, it is possible to stream content from a smartphone to the TV using Allshare technology.

High-tech business gifts: a perfect sign of gratitude

This corporate gift is a first choice item capable of developing your company's visibility effectively. The choice of this gift is all the more judicious because it has the advantage of being useful and practical for recording favourite films. This type of personalised corporate gift remains a classic and much appreciated way to reward your employees or your best clients.

A corporate gift that can be personalised as you wish

This technological jewel has the advantage of being suitable for any type of customised marking. Available in a design shape and colour, it will surprise your targets. Choice of material, logo or company name insertion, this blu ray dvd recorder offers many possibilities for personalisation. By offering this jewel to your partners, you can be sure that they will always keep an eye on your brand.

To get the most out of your movies and for an excellent immersion, the blu ray is an ideal solution. The blu ray has a full HD image quality that allows you to see all the details and enjoy a real cinema experience. The SAMSUNG BDH8500 offers you a high definition experience in your living room, in 2D or 3D depending on the film. This blu ray player has built-in Wi-Fi which allows you to easily connect it to your home network, giving you access to the Samsung Smart Hub which includes online services. This will also allow you to stream content from your smartphone to your TV using allshare technology.

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