Gift CE wine marselan 2017

A Corporate Committee Gift must be well chosen to satisfy both your business and the beneficiaries. This 2017 Marselan Rosé can meet these criteria, with its enticing taste and low price. It will be a gift of prestige in the eyes of your employees, without breaking the bank.

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For more than a decade, Cadeaux Hightech has been offering you employee gifts, each one as fabulous as the next. This splendid bottle is one of them, and can serve as a Corporate Committee Gift of first choice. You will only have to surprise the works councils with, at the opportune moment you choose.  

An elegant and tasty Corporate Committee Gift

In appearance, this bottle already makes you want with its elegance. But once opened and tasted, this vintage keeps all the promises stated by its exterior appearance. This Company Committee Gift exclusively uses the Marselan grape variety, and has a fairly complex taste, mixing red fruits and spices. It's a CE gift which can very well accompany fish or stuffed vegetables, or a dessert like strawberry pie.

A worthy gift to thank employee

Since this wine Marselan 2017 very suitable for the holidays, you can turn it into a Corporate Committee Gift for Christmas or the end of the year. The employee gift will be a mark of recognition for your employees. The latter deserve that their efforts be recognized and rewarded, to motivate them and not to frustrate them. This nice CE gift will therefore be welcome.

A gift for employees with your logo

One of the advantages with Hightech Gifts is its personalization service. Indeed, you can ask the site to print your logo or other forms of visual identity on the freebies whatever you order. A personalized CE gift has the effect of increasing your visibility with the public, while promoting the feeling of belonging to your employees. With this Corporate Committee Gift, you will be a winner in several aspects, and be sure to have a good brand image.

Vintage : 2017
Grape variety : 100% Marselan
Plug : Screw cap
Tastes Rosé d'apéritif
By Tastes : Fruity
At the eye : Grenadine color.
At nose : Intense and subtle nose, on sweet notes evolving frankly towards notes of ripe red fruits.
In mouth : Great complexity, beautiful structure, notes of ripe red fruits associated with a slightly spicy character.
Conservation : Drink within 2 years
Food and wine pairings : Fish, Game, Fruity dessert
Recommended agreements : Tuna tartare, stuffed peppers, strawberry tart

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