Go Xtreme sport camera gray metal

Want to please your employees? Opt for the Go Xtreme metal gray sport camera as a customer gift! You can give it as a year-end gift or for other special events. This dedicated corporate gift will also allow you to stand out from your competitors. So go ahead and offer it to your most loyal customers.

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Offer a high tech customer gift is beneficial to your business. It's a great opportunity to develop your brand image. You will be able to highlight the value of your business to your targets. It is also an opportunity to improve and perpetuate your relationships with your employees, your customers or your suppliers.

High-performance and high-end business gifts

This metal gray Go Xtreme sport camera is based on the latest cutting-edge video technology. Indeed, it is equipped with advanced sensors and processors to create phenomenal videos in full HD 1080p. This personalized customer gift is equipped with a lens that allows you to shoot videos and photos with a wide-angle panoramic view. Thanks to this device, you will be able to take totally immersive photos and videos.

Ultra practical business gifts for the whole family

This Christmas customer gift is equipped with a small screen on which you can view the videos and photos you have taken. This Sport camera Go Xtreme metallic gray has a fully waterproof case up to 10m deep. You can use it in water or other wet areas. This customer gift presents a Wifi connection. It is very light and very practical equipment. You can use it to film your spectacular stunts, dizzying jumps and all your sports activities. Even better, this device comes with a very compact remote control. So, to take videos or photos, all you have to do is press its key and you're done!

Customizable business gifts at will!

 Whether you offer it for your employees or your customers, do not hesitate to personalize this customer gift. Put your company logo and slogan on it. If it is for a special occasion, you can print your personal messages such as your greetings there.

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