HD metal gray sport camera

Short of ideas to please your employees? Why not give them a CE gift? And not just any, a gift they will remember for life. Direct your choice towards a trendy and modern corporate committee gift like this metal gray HD sports camera.

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A sports camera, based on new technology, is the perfect gift for your collaborators or to please your business partners. This is the type of investment necessary to re-motivate employees and start an even more convivial new year. It is also further proof of the company's commitment to its associates.

Sports camera: an interesting CE gift idea

Who wouldn't want to have a nice sports camera to capture the best moments of their life? Equipped with an LCD screen 2, it is very practical for taking quality photos or recording your most beautiful memories on video. This metal gray HD sports camera is equipped with a Full HD 1080p resolution, a 1410 degree wide-angle screen, waterproof 30 M and powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. It is possible to integrate a micro SDHC memory card to increase storage. And the most impressive is that it has a connection with micro USB cable. You can surprise your employees with this custom CE gift.

When should you give a CE gift to your employees?  

The end of the year is the right time to offer a CE gift to your employees. It has even become a tradition in most companies. All the more so since the positive effects are numerous, it will still be necessary to make the right choice. If the idea is to make an impression, then you need a gift for an extraordinary employee. You can opt for this HD sports camera metallic gray. This magnificent technological gem that everyone dreams of is perfect to offer at the end of the year to thank employees and works councils.

Thank your employees with an HD sports camera

Since the involvement of employees in a company is decisive in achieving the desired objective, offering a CE gift would be the least of things to thank them. There are several employee gift ideas but offering a sports camera will surely make people happy, even more so if the object in question is in the image of the company.

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