Red wine box 3 bottles

For your privileged customers, forget the usual t-shirts, pens and key rings. Think of a quality promotional item that represents your business. The present must please while being useful to the recipient of the promotional gift. This is what this 3-bottle red wine box with sommelier accessories can do for you.

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The wines contained in this box are more than just a promotional item. With the 5 accessories included with these bottles, the recipient of this corporate advertising gift will be touched by the attention your company is giving them. Don't forget to personalise this box with your logo for a better effect.

A promotional item for privileged customers

Wine, especially if it is of good quality, is an ideal gift for everyone, even the non-expert. If you offer it as a promotional item to your customers, whether they are prospects or active customers, you improve your image with the customer while increasing your visibility. You will therefore understand that this box is very different from a simple business goodies.

A corporate gift item to improve your image

This promotional item is a box containing 3 bottles of red wine from Château de La Grange 2008 from Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux. 5 sommelier accessories accompany these quality wines: a sommelier knife, a spout, a cap cutter, a drip stop and a stopper. The three bottles and the sommelier accessories are contained in a stylish design case. The set constitutes a top-of-the-range advertising product that enhances your company's image.

Offer a personalised promotional box

Even though this promotional item is much more than a simple goodie, it is possible and even advisable to personalise it. You can therefore write on the elements of this wine box You can also use the red label with your company name and logo, or a message that represents you. With this, you make this corporate object a personalised promotional item. And every time the recipient of this product and his or her entourage see the case, the wine bottles and the sommelier accessories, they will see your company. All you have to do is reap the benefits for your business.

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