Star wine box

If you are looking for the perfect corporate gift, you can go for this celebrity wine box. The wines that make up this box have been produced by celebrities, which makes them a luxury corporate gift. Mark the box with your logo for even more effect.

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The wine is to be tasted for all occasions, with friends, family or as a couple. They will be happy to offer these wines as a corporate gift to your professional partners. As you want a original corporate gift, personalize the box with the name of your company.

A corporate gift for all tastes

Wine is a great choice for a corporate gift. It is a gift that expresses friendliness and care. Wine appeals to everyone, and company gift will surely suit your customers, business partners and other collaborators. Choosing business gifts is not easy. Give this gift at the end of the year, for Christmas or for other special occasions and you will be guaranteed not to make a mistake in taste.

A luxury corporate gift

This wine company gift is a wine box of star composed of two bottles. The first, Petit Boiron is a local wine from Agenais produced by Philippe and Francis Cabrel. The second bottle is a Mon Rouge Pif, a wine from the Aude region, produced by Pierre Richard. Each bottle has a capacity of 75 cl. Like the bottles, their container is neat and designed with a touch of class. This will inspire your customers to keep them as a keepsake. These features will make this product one of the best corporate gifts you can give.

A personalized corporate gift

It is still customary to personalize a corporate gift. You therefore have the possibility of putting your company name, your logo and even a message on this box to make a personalized corporate gift. When the time comes when the recipient of this original corporate gift goes to taste the wines, he and those around him will remember your business thanks to the marks on the bottle.

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