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Want your corporate gift to go down in history? Opt for an object useful to its recipient like this design scale. It is one of those useful corporate gifts that are always a pleasure to receive. It's the perfect gift, especially if you don't yet know the recipient's tastes.

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Find the corporate gift truly appropriate isn't always straightforward, especially when you don't yet know everyone's personal tastes. To be sure to make people happy, opt for this scale. It's a great business gift idea to give as the holiday season approaches.

A bathroom scale, for a useful everyday corporate gift

You are looking for a new end of year corporate gift idea ? Think about this scale. This state-of-the-art accessory will undoubtedly make you score points with your various employees. This innovative scale doesn't just display weight. It analyzes it to show body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, water percentage as well as the MCI of the person on it. The other advantage of this scale is that it can store different user profiles.

A gift for a company at the cutting edge of technology

If you want to convey a modern and innovative image of your company, this scale will be perfect as a corporate gift. This scale doesn't just analyze the weight of the person using it. It has a Bluetooth connection which allows it to synchronize with applications for smartphones and tablets. Its user will thus be able to follow the evolution of his weight on his mobile device. It's one of those corporate gifts that leaves a good impression on those who receive them. The icing on the cake, with a corporate gift wholesaler like us, the price remains very affordable, so what more could you ask for?

Give reliable corporate gifts

When choosing your business gifts, keep in mind that you are putting your reputation on the line. In order not to damage your company's branding, choose a reliable business gift like this scale. Its measurement is highly precise. It is also stable and strong, thanks to its non-slip feet and its stainless steel surface. With your logo on it, it will be a perfect personalized business gift.

The body results can be transmitted via Bluetooth directly to your smartphone and tablet PC, thanks to the free application downloadable from Apple AppStore and Google play.
Apple System Requirements: Apple: iOS 6.0 or later + Bluetooth 4.0 or above.
Android System Requirements: Android 4.3 and above + Bluetooth 4.0 or above.
The Smart Scale application allows access to statistics and assessments at all times.

Stainless steel surface
High quality multi-function LCD display for easy-to-read data display (black / white).
Can memorize the profile of 9 different users.
Unit of measure in kg, lb, st: Ib (convertible).
Measuring range: 5-150 kg per 100g.
Modern touch sensor
Large, high quality, easy-care glass surface 30 x 30 cm (W x D) (hygienic and scratch-resistant)
Excellent non-slip surface
Automatic shutdown, thus increasing battery life
Power supply: 4 x 1.5V (AAA) batteries

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