Black praline rocher corporate gift

Tasty and authentic, this praline with a melting heart is the business gift we recommend to any business looking to please its customers, staff and collaborators. It's a business gift you can't miss to thank people who are loyal to your company.

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Specialist in personalised business gifts high quality, Hightech Gifts offers you this tasty praline that you can give as a gift. business gift. Whether it is for the end of the year, the inauguration or the anniversary of your company, share this beautiful moment with your customers, your employees, partners and suppliers by offering them the most beautiful business gift.

The business gift perfect

What could be better than a top brand confectionery? This company gift is enhanced by Valencia almonds from Spain, Roman hazelnuts from Italy and nougatine chips. The whole thing is coated in dark chocolate with a strong taste. This is a corporate gift that will appeal to the whole family. The recipients will appreciate it thanks to its exquisite and unique flavours.

A company gift extraordinary

The ingredients of this popular sweet have been carefully selected to ensure that the result will meet and exceed expectations. In the mouth, this customer gift offers an explosion of chocolate flavours unlike any other. The rich taste of dark chocolate combined with the soft melting centre and crunch of almonds, hazelnuts and grains gives the business gift character. And to make it truly unique, Cadeaux Hightech allows you to put your logo on the packaging.

A business gift well thought out

There's no holiday without chocolate! Offer this delicious praline rock It's a great way to show your customers, employees and partners that you want to celebrate Christmas or another special event with them. It will also be a great way to show your appreciation for their loyalty and cooperation. When they taste this business gift, they will in turn be grateful to you for giving them such a delicious corporate gift.

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