Aquarelle scented candles

You don't know what to give as a corporate gift to please your employees? Fortunately, there is a wide range of trendy products in our catalog. Among the latter is this Aquarelle scented candle. As an end of year gift, it is the perfect object to make a good impression.

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This corporate gift is a very fashionable and useful gift to embellish your home. It is the ideal gift, aesthetic, affordable and more modern than a simple advertising pen. Today, this accessory is part of a wave of well-being. So, buy this designer corporate gift to seduce your employees. 

A refined corporate gift: Watercolour scented candles

For a company, image is the key to attracting new customers. Therefore, it is necessary to do everything possible to win their loyalty and trust. To this end, business leaders have adopted a tradition of offering business gifts to their customers or employees. The offer is now available in a new range of scented candles. This range offers a sensory walk around floral, plant and woody fragrances. Let your customers enjoy this trio of candles. The first one is jasmine neroli, the second one is fig tree and the third one is red peony. A combination of woody and floral scents to delicately perfume your home.

Classy and timeless business gifts

This type of corporate gift is very popular with a wide audience. Among the many variations, the most desirable is the scented candle. Indeed, this type of decorative accessory plays with the desire for luxury while remaining accessible. Beautifully presented, this gift also flatters the ego of the giver. What could be better than giving a gift that contributes to the well-being of your employees or clients?

Corporate gift that can be personalised with the company's image

The scented candles are original corporate gifts with enormous image benefits. They meet certain everyday needs that your customers will surely appreciate. This accessory is available in many models and can be personalised with your company's image. A corporate gift personalised with the company's logo and name is the ideal communication medium.

Our candles are made from natural vegetable wax, which allows the candle to melt at low temperatures. This extends the burning time of the candle and optimises the diffusion of the fragrance.
Burning time: 3 x 7 hours approx.
Suitable for rooms from 5 to 10 m².
Dimensions of each candle: Diameter 4.5 cm - Height 4.5 cm.
To increase the burning time of your scented candle, you should cut the wick back to 5 mm before each use and not let it burn for more than three consecutive hours.
An elegant and refined gift.

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