2016 Cabernet wine company gift

The 2016 Cabernet wine business gift is a successful cuvée from the prestigious and famous Villa des Anges, a business gift that has it all! This fleshy and fruity red wine is the preferred company gift to thank your customers and employees as they should.

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Celebrate the best moments of the year with your brand loyalists to show your appreciation. Give them this exceptional, high-quality business gift. If you want to find the business gift This is the ideal one, which will make you fall in love with it in many ways.

A unique business gift

Released in 2016, this vintage has already become a great reference thanks to its many assets that make it stand out from the others corporate gifts wines . At first sight, this corporate gift surprises and seduces with its elegant design and its beautiful dark garnet colour. This branded red wine has a discreet touch that makes it mysterious and intriguing at the same time. The business gift makes you want to know more about the aromas and flavours.

A business gift preferred

This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon is the kind of customer gift that won't go unnoticed. If your goal is to impress the recipients, this wine red of the Villa des Anges will not disappoint you. Its appearance is already a feast for the eyes, but on top of that, its black cherry and garrigue fragrance with a spicy note is simply bewitching. And when tasted, its intense and concentrated taste, punctuated by a good fruity finish, is sensational.

A wine deal gift the company's image

Hightech Gifts, the specialist in personalised business gifts, suggests and strongly recommends that you put your logo or a well thought-out message on this business gift. This way, you will have a unique business gift that reflects your company's image. Moreover, the originality, class, elegance and authenticity of the business gift will reflect the values of your company.

Vintage: 2016
Grape variety: 100% Cabernet-sauvignon
Cap: Screw cap
Taste: Fleshy and fruity red
By Taste: Fruity
To the eye : Garnet colour
Nose: Aromas of black cherry, spices and garrigue.
In the mouth: Fresh, intense and concentrated. Fruity finish.
Serving temperature: 14-16 ° C
Service: Bottled
Storage: Drink within 2 years

"Eclectic winemaker" is how Jeff Carrel defines himself. This all-round oenologist gives advice in the vineyard, in the cellar and in marketing strategy. In 2007, he set up his own identity communication consultancy aimed at helping wine companies to promote their products and their specificities. He then worked with them to create a range of very specific wines with strong personalities.

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