Wine company gift from domaine horgelus

Elegant and succulent, this white wine from the prestigious Domaine Horgelus is the ideal company gift to thank your major customers, suppliers, service providers and partners for a special event. Show your gratitude to the people who contribute to the development of your business by offering them this magnificent and very classy business gift.

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To retain your customers and strengthen your professional relationships with your various employees, there is nothing better than offering them a business gift quality wine. This is to show them that you celebrate their trust in your brand while also expressing your gratitude to them. This model is a high-end business gift not to be missed.

A premium wine business gift

Any self-respecting company owes its success to the loyalty of its customers and the confidence of its partners. It is for this reason that it is better to thank them during the holiday season or the anniversary of your company. To do this, give them this wine gift from the famous Domaine Horgelus. It's a corporate gift which can be enjoyed as an aperitif, as a starter, with foie gras, cheese, fish, shellfish or a fruit dessert. Its pineapple and passion fruit aromas are simply appetizing. Once in the mouth, the taste of citrus and many exotic fruits is a real delight!

A business gift personalized

Personalised business gifts are highly recommended if you want to make an even bigger impression. By opening this business gift wine, your client or employee will inevitably remember your company and your nice gesture. On Hightech Gifts, you have the possibility to affix your own logo on the label of the bottle as well as a small thank you or greetings.

A wine business gift within everyone's reach

The low price of this customer gift or employee gift is one of its greatest assets. Given its uncompromising quality, elegance and freshness, this Horgelus cuvée is a truly inexpensive business gift. Any company can order it to celebrate a great occasion with their customers and partners.

Vintage: 2017
Grape variety: 75% Colombard, 25% Sauvignon
Taste: Soft and fruity Dry White
By Taste: Fruity
To the eye : Golden and intense colour.
Nose: Pineapple and passion fruit.
In the mouth: Frankly round and fresh palate. Clean finish.
Serving temperature: 10 ° C
Service: Bottled
Storage: Drink within 2 years
Food and wine pairing Aperitif, Starter, Foie gras, Cheese, Fruity dessert
On the sunny slopes of Gascony, in the heart of the South-West, Domaine Horgelus never ceases to seduce with its wine-pleasures accessible to the greatest number of people. By taking the greatest care to preserve the aromas in the wines, and by limiting as much as possible all forms of oxidation of the musts and wines, the result is fruity and the freshness of the wines is enchanting. This is a domain that will continue to make a name for itself!

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