Lambrusco dolce wine company gift

Are you looking for an attractive, top quality business gift? Why not opt for Medici Ermete I Quercioli, the premium rosé wine from Lambrusco Rosato Dolce? Give your clients and colleagues a taste of Italy with this exceptional business gift.

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The corporate gift that you choose will be seen as a reflection of your society. So prioritize quality and authenticity with this Italian wine business gift. This is a branded rosé of unparalleled class. For a business gift luxury that is out of the ordinary, it's hard to beat.

A singular company gift

At first glance, this Lambrusco Salamino and Ancellotta grape attracts with the originality of its design. Its beautiful ruby color is both feminine and prestigious. This customer gift is extremely pleasant and you can feel it through its red fruit scent. Here you have the kind of rather girly business gift that captivates everyone's attention with its charm and uniqueness. There is no better corporate gift to impress your customers and employees.

A business gift festive

On the occasion of the holiday season, your company's anniversary or other special event, what could be better than offering sparkling wine to celebrate the occasion like it should be ? The fine bubbles of this inexpensive rosé from a great brand will add pep to your aperitif, your meal or your dessert. Moreover, it is advisable to accompany this wine gift with pizza, risotto, pasta in sauce or other traditional Italian preparation.

A wine gift not to be missed

Hightech Gifts, one of the leaders in personalised business gifts, offers you the opportunity to pleasantly surprise your customers and partners with such a beautiful and delicious wine box. We recommend that you personalize it with a logo or a nice little text of your choice so that recipients can remember your company by opening it and drinking it with it.


Grape variety : Lambrusco Salamino, Ancellotta
Tastes : Sparkling Wine
At the eye : Ruby color
At nose : Intense aromas of red fruits
In mouth : A fresh, fruity and harmonious palate
Operating temperature : 14-15 ° C
Service : In a bottle
Conservation : Drink within 2 years
Food and wine pairings : Aperitif, World cuisine
Recommended agreements : Anti pasti, pizza, risotto, pasta in sauce

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