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High-Tech Gifts presents this Touraine Rouge La Java des Grandes Espérances 2016, a special business gift to thank those who are loyal to your company. Here you have a prestigious business gift that you can offer to your customers and employees to show them your gratitude

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At the end of the year or at another special event for your company, share your great joy by offering these business gifts unique in its kind. If you want to impress and please your customers, partners, suppliers and service providers, this wine business gift is for you!

A business gift who stands out

On the market, you can find a whole range of personalised business gifts of all kinds, but you won't find one that is as classy, attractive and tasty. This business gift is an eye-catcher thanks to its classic and charming design, dressed in a beautiful ruby colour. Its typical label is a reminder of the originality and authenticity of the great French domain. If you want to show the recipients that they are special to your company, offer them this magnificent corporate gift high end.

A business gift user-friendly

This prestigious red wine seduces with its very fruity aromas with notes of ripe red fruits. On the palate, it is greedy and the well-melted tannins give it a unique delicious taste. This business gift is an invitation to toast with family and friends. At an aperitif or a special meal, this beautiful customer gift promises to enhance the atmosphere. It is certain that your customer or employee will remember your company when they share this moment with their loved ones.

A company gift for everyone

This luxurious and affordable business gift is suitable for both men and women. Moreover, it is a top quality organic product that can satisfy even the most demanding people. It is also a business gift wine versatile, to be enjoyed with red meat, cold cuts, white meat, cheese, etc.

Vintage : 2016
Grape variety 85% Gamay, 15% Cabernet Franc
Organic : Terra Vitis
Tastes : Red Light and fruity
By Tastes : Fruity
At the eye : Ruby color
At nose Very fruity aromas of ripe red fruits
In mouth Gourmet mouthfeel with well-melted tannins
Operating temperature : 16-18°C
Service : In a bottle
Conservation : To drink and keep
To drink from : 2018
Up to : 2023
Food and wine pairings Aperitif, Cold cuts, Red meat, White meat, Poultry, Barbecue, World cuisine, Cheese
Recommended agreements Assortment of tapas (cold cuts, cheeses), grilled meats, mushroom fricassee.

The Domaine des Grandes Espérances is located in Touraine, more precisely in the commune of Mesland. The latest addition to the Saget La Perrière family, these Loire wines have placed the notion of pleasure wine at the heart of their viticultural approach. Pleasure, but also sensible and reasonable production techniques: the Domaine des Grandes Espérances joined the Terra Vitis approach almost 10 years ago. This group of winegrowers fights to respect the environment while remaining competitive. The result is wines of great charm and without any pretension.

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