Single-jet electric toothbrush

Are you looking for a prestigious CE gift to offer to your employees as a thank you? Purchase a single-jet electric toothbrush to show them your gratitude. It is the perfect corporate committee gift to thank a well-deserving employee while enhancing your brand image.

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Choose a corporate committee gift The use of state-of-the-art technology is an excellent way to convey a message of recognition. With a quality catalogue of state-of-the-art, tailor-made products, you are sure to surprise your employees and customers. These corporate gifts will ensure the development of your reputation.

The ideal CE gift to make an impression

The gifts THISThese days, wellness accessories, offered as a company gift, are the most popular gifts. Giving a wellness accessory shows how much you care about your employees. This is even more the case if the object in question is out of the ordinary, as is the case with this toothbrush. It is designed to remove food residues. It has a 4-stage pressure adjustment and a large capacity tank of approximately 600 ml, as well as a storage compartment for the cannulas, a pressure of up to 5 bar and a wall mounting. It has four cannulas, one of which is special for children. Thanks to these features, it offers comfort and ease of use. It is the type of gift for an employee that is sure to please and leave a lasting impression.

A personalised CE gift in the company's image

Marking the object with the company name and logo allows you to integrate your identity into the whole object. This personalised CE gift is just as effective as other types of media. In this case, you need a quality gift that conveys a unique image and visibility. By focusing particularly on high-tech, this solution offers lasting visibility to your company.

A company committee gift, what for?

Cohesion within a work team is the key to the smooth running of a company. It is therefore important for the company manager to create a friendly and lasting professional relationship between all staff. The best way to achieve this is to give a gift like this electric toothbrush monojet, a gift that stands out for its employees to reinforce their motivation.

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