Black square backup battery

Have you just signed a big contract with a partner and want to seal this union with original business gifts? Why not offer this square battery backup? This state-of-the-art gadget is one of those business gifts that you won't easily forget.

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Are you tired of offering wine or champagne as a business gifts ? Why not then turn to high-tech business gifts like this power bank. This trendy and useful accessory will allow you to score points with your various customers and business partners.

Dare to make a difference with this state-of-the-art business gift

To stand out from your competitors, offer a business gift high tech that goes off the beaten track like this power bank. While your competitors are confined to offering wine, you will make an impression with a high-tech gadget, very useful in everyday life. This nomadic charger, with a power of 8000 mAh, and equipped with two USB ports, allows you to recharge smartphones and other common USB devices, when it is impossible to connect to the mains. Simple, and useful, it's the kind of gift that lasts a long time in people's minds.

A business gift that will enhance your image

Giving business gifts is also a way for you to promote your image. By opting for this power bank you make an excellent choice. Besides its practicality, this gadget is very reliable. Its Ion-Lithium battery is one of the most efficient at the moment. Its careful design gives it a very pleasant elegant side. By offering this kind of customer gift, you convey an image of an innovative, modern and above all reliable company. This will only further enhance your brand image.

A company gift adapted to your image

Corporate gifts, like business gifts, are above all communication tools. This is why it is necessary to favor personalized business gifts, which bear inscriptions in relation to your company. By opting for this backup battery, you are again making a wise choice! It can be easily personalized with your logo, slogan, company name, or any other message you want to feature.

Article data
Color : black
Cut : 8.6 x 8.2 x 2.4 cm
Net weight : 0.223 kg
Gross weight : 0.333 kg
Carton weight : 3.33 kg / 13.32 kg

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