Asus Gold 10500 Mh external battery

The Asus power bank combines elegance and practicality. It is the ideal CE gift to give to your employees during the holiday season. Inexpensive, it is also a cheap company committee gift that will allow you to surprise your employees without exceeding your budget.

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Show your gratitude to your employees, offer them a CE gift up to their expectations. You have no idea? Opt for an external battery. It's a high-tech gadget that they will always need. You will see, your company committee gift will never leave them!

Make a difference with this high tech Christmas employee gift

It is customary to offer a gift for coworker as the end of year celebrations approach. If you don't want your CE gift to be lost in the crowd, dare to be different! Give a state-of-the-art gadget like this Axus external battery as a thank-you gift. Useful and practical, this latest generation power bank has it all. It can charge almost all smartphones at the moment. With its battery with a capacity of 10 050 mAh can charge more than 3 times a smartphone before falling flat.

Asus Gold external battery: a CE design gift

When choosing the right gift for works councils, design plays an important role. An object with a neat and elegant design like this Asus power bank, will have more impact than a more neutral and insignificant object. Its clean lines and gold color inevitably catch the eye. You will understand, this is the kind of CE gift that will allow you to draw attention to your business.

Give a useful and practical CE gift

Its performance and careful design are not the only strengths of this high-tech accessory. Compact and lightweight, it fits easily in a bag. It's the kind of employee gift that will accompany its recipient everywhere. To better serve your image, do not hesitate to have your logo or your slogan printed on it. You will get a personalized CE gift unique to your company. It will only perpetuate your image, so why deprive yourself of it?

Main Features
Category : Power bank
Setting up : External
Compatible device : Cellphone
Compatible brand : Universal
Specificities : You will be able to charge: More than 3 times your Zenfone 5 - More than 2 times your Zenfone 6 - More than 2 times your Zenfone 2 - More than 1 time your Nexus7
Battery Type : Li-ion
Capacity : 10050 mAh
Battery level indicator : Yes
Output power (amperage per port): Help 2.4 A
Number of USB ports : 1
Maximum output voltage : 5.1 V
Cable included : Micro USB
Colors : Gold
Dimensions : W x H x D 5.9 x 9.05 x 2.2 cm
Weight : 215.0 g

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