Ardèche dark chocolate business gift

We suggest you discover this delicious and original end of year gift. Let your customers taste the authentic flavours of Ardèche chestnuts associated with dark chocolate with this succulent ganache. Do you want to please and surprise your buyers? Hightech Gifts suggests you this beautiful customer gift.

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Celebrate Christmas and the New Year with the people who trust your products or services, offer them this beautiful customer gift Christmas. It's also a great way to show your appreciation. This customer gift seduces by its pure form but especially by its greedy taste.

The perfect gift to build customer loyalty

At the end of a busy year in which your company has been able to generate excellent sales figures, it's time to thank those who have contributed so much to this success. We therefore offer you this very special customer gift. It is a ganache prepared with chestnut paste from the Ardèche, enhanced with rum and judiciously coated with chocolate. It is the customer gift to show that you have chosen the best for your consumers. This will increase their trust in your brand.

A customer gift extraordinary

Finding the best business gift is not always an easy task, it has to be surprising and unique at the same time. This dark chocolate from Ardèche meets all these criteria and more. It is a company gift that appeals to everyone, young and old alike. You can also give it to your employees, partners and suppliers to thank them for their cooperation.

A company gift customizable

A personalised customer gift always has a better effect on the recipients because it is more rewarding. It also shows that you have taken the time to choose the right customer gift and to personalise it with your company's image. So, don't hesitate to put your logo or a thank you text on the packaging of this chestnut paste, rum and dark chocolate ganache.

Price displayed for 100g.

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