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Nothing like a good gold medal wine as a Customer Gift to wow your partners. This bottle of Romane Rosé 2017 from Château Les Mesclances meets this criterion, and could therefore become your star clientele gift. All its beneficiaries will welcome such attention from you.

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Hightech Gifts' flair for finding original and extraordinary customer gifts has remained intact. You can immediately feel that the site is a confirmed expert in the field of business gifts. Indeed, this Customer Gift that it offers here can far exceed your expectations in terms of quality and accessibility.

A high-class customer gift, but at a reduced price

What more could you want than a top-of-the-range customer gift, but at a price comparable to that of a product for the general public? This is the case with this sensational vintage, which was awarded a gold medal at a competition in Paris. It is very rare to find this phenomenon for a customer gift, but as an experienced professional, Cadeaux Hightech has found the pearl that will make your company more popular.

A high quality company gift

If this rose roman wine was awarded, there is a reason. Indeed, its preparation is very meticulous, with a blend of grape varieties in very precise proportions, using 39% of Cinsault, 36% of Grenache, and 25% of Mourvèdre. This Client Gift will delight your partners' taste buds with its soft, supple and fresh taste, enhanced by citrus aromas. It is a wonderful customer gift idea to satisfy the recipients to the highest degree.

A wonderful gift to build customer loyalty

This customer gift can become your secret weapon to win the hearts of your partners, with its various properties. However, it is important to attach your identity to it so that it becomes a personalised customer gift. This way, everyone who tastes it will know that you are the source of this personalised customer gift. This will probably increase your popularity, which will be good for your business.

Vintage : 2017
Grape variety 39% Cinsault, 36% Grenache, 25% Mourvèdre
Tastes Rosé d'apéritif
By Tastes : Fruity
At the eye Pale, salmon-coloured pastel colour
At nose Pleasant nose; fruity with aromas of redcurrant and English sweets.
In mouth Supple and fresh attack. Tense and well-balanced on the palate with citrus fruit aromas (pomelo).
Operating temperature : 8-12°C
Service : In a bottle
Conservation : Drink within 2 years
Food and wine pairings Aperitif, Fish, White meat, Barbecue, World cuisine
Recommended agreements Provençal salads, grilled white meats, sheep's and goat's cheeses and fruit salad

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