Business gift classic artisan pinnae

During the holiday season, please your employees, clients and collaborators by offering them an exceptional business gift such as the Penne Classiche Martelli. This is a packet of delicious Italian pasta to offer as a business gift to surprise and delight those who trust and loyalty your company.

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Whether it's to celebrate the end of the year or another special occasion such as your company's anniversary, offering a business gift This is the best idea you can have. In this respect, this high quality handmade product is a business gift to be favoured.

A company gift for the family     

The pennes are enjoyed by young and old alike. There is nothing better than a good gratin to make everyone enjoy themselves at the table in a good mood. The advantage of this business gift is that it is a 100% handmade product, which emphasises the precious values of traditional Italian cuisine. This customer gift is recommended if you want to bet on authenticity, originality and quality.

A business gift cheap

Overall, original business gifts High-quality products are expensive, but as you can see, this is not the case with this particular corporate gift. Hightech Gifts offers you this pack of Classiche Martelli pasta at a very attractive price. So you don't have to spend too much money to find an exceptional business gift that will impress and pleasantly surprise your partners, suppliers, customers and staff.

A business gift extraordinary

Perfect for concocting a delicious béchamel gratin, these penne are a completely original business gift that should not be missed to really please the recipients. Note that we offer you the chance to make it unique by putting your logo on the package. This way, your client, employee or collaborator will remember your company and your nice gesture every time they taste these tasty homemade pastas with their loved ones.

Penne rigate" (striped feathers) is a wonderful way to make pasta gratins. Mix the cooked pasta with a béchamel sauce (all milk and parmesan) in a low ovenproof dish. Let it bake au gratin. Enjoy!

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