Gift CE set female manicure

Do you especially want to please your female customers? Opt for this Proficare manicure and pedicure set as a corporate gift. It contains all the accessories for a complete care of the feet and hands. It's the perfect end of year gift to win their hearts.

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This manicure and pedicure set is the CE gift  ideal to please your customers and employees. To remind them at all times that this original and great corporate gift comes from you, don't hesitate to personalise it with your company logo.

A perfect corporate gift for women

Beauty products make excellent business gifts for women. Not sure which of the many beauty products available to choose for your corporate gift? Turn to this assortment of manicure and pedicure accessories. It's a quality corporate gift that will come in handy every day. By opting for this corporate gift, you are giving pleasure while at the same time enhancing your company's brand image.

Enhance your image with a practical corporate gift

This set women's manicure ProfiCare contains 5 accessories. It allows a complete care of feet and hands. Each accessory is designed to withstand intensive use. This is a good quality corporate gift that will last for a long time. Your employees will surely be pleased to know that they can use their corporate gift everywhere! The device is powered by two 1.5V AA batteries, so it can be used without having to be plugged into the mains. It is only 180 mm long, 100 mm deep and 47 cm high. This makes it compact enough to fit easily into a bag.

Give a personalised corporate gift for more impact

This set in itself is already a personalised corporate gift, but you can take the personalisation much further. If you wish, it is possible to have your company logo printed on it. This way, you can offer a unique gift that not only pleases the recipient but also serves your company's image.

Battery operation 2x 1.5V AA / LR6 (batteries not included)

Unit dimensions (W x H x D) 180 x 47 x 100 mm

Dimensions in packaging (W x H x D) 187 x 110 x 57 mm

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