Mini gray weather station design

Acquire this design mini gray weather station as a CE gift for your company. It's a useful, practical and very trendy employee gift at the same time. Its color and frame are very trendy to please everyone.

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Offer this CE gift to your company committees to give them a useful and very trendy object. Indeed, it is a very practical employee gift for those concerned about bad weather.

A CE gift for everyday use

The stylish grey mini weather station is a corporate gift that will delight your employees and colleagues. Indeed, it is a very useful device for those who worry about bad weather on a daily basis and who like to prepare for it in advance. It's a CE gift that is particularly suitable for people who are meticulous in everything they do. But it's still a very practical gadget that will have a place in every professional's bag. Moreover, you can give it as a gift at any time, especially for gift to thank employee or to thank a successful project. Finally, it's also a works council gift that you can personalise as you wish.

A state-of-the-art CE gift

From a general point of view, this corporate gift has several technological features that are very useful in everyday life. First of all, this mini weather station The grey design displays a world time according to your time zone. In addition, you will also have access to the current temperature as well as the weather for the day. These are, of course, predictions. To top it all off, the design is very trendy and the price is really affordable for the benefits it has to offer.

A CE gift that you can personalise

You can add your own touch of originality by putting your company logo on the back of this CE gift. So, by opting for a personalised gift, your collaborators and employees will be able to stand out with your company name.

Make an impression with this multifunctional customizable advertising weather station for your desk or wall.
Includes remote indoor and outdoor thermometer, hygrometer, calendar.
Temperature display in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
ABS and metal.

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