White bluetooth headphones

For your research of original advertising object, there is no better than high-tech goodies. This white Bluetooth headset is ideal to stand out from your competition. It is elegant and comfortable, it is equipped with many options that will facilitate the daily life of your partners. At work and at home, this headset will represent your business.

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Your personalized advertising object will be the brand image of your company. Choosing a gift advertising quality and modern is therefore essential. With these white bluetooth headphones you give your brand publicity a boost. The helmet, in fact, is at the same time modern, brave and compatible with all smartphones.

A powerful advertising object

Opt for quality personalized advertising items and you will be present to your employees. Your business will be represented by the gift items. This white Bluetooth audio headset is very practical and efficient. A advertisment object which will be useful to your partners. Indeed, it will be visible with your logo highlighted in the ears of your employees. The headset has a Bluetooth V 3.0 system and genuine leather padded ear cushions for added comfort. It allows you to answer calls directly or listen to music.

A practical goodies

For your personalized promotional items, the ideal is to opt for a product that is useful for the partners. With the high-tech goodies, you are sure to please all employees. These headphones are perfect for organizing professional and personal life. A corporate gadget that finds its place at work and at home. In addition, the quality is present and the headset is compatible with all media with Bluetooth functionality.

A white goodies, everyday elegance

Promotional gifts usually carry the company's message. This helmet bluetooth white is stylish and works with any shade used on your logo. It appeals to both men and women. High-tech goodies that will be at the center of their daily lives. It is both modern and efficient, it is equipped with a hands-free kit function, a control button for receiving calls and a stereo connection cable. A personalized promotional item that will be used behind the wheel of a car, but also in a business meeting.

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