Docking station radio alarm clock black

Are you looking for essential high-tech goodies to offer to your employees? Buy a cute black clock radio docking station as a gift. It is a truly modern device, both very useful on a daily basis and ultra trendy which will impress your partners. This type of advertising object / goodies is currently the object of all envy.

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These days, l'high-end advertising object ended up surpassing its condition as a simple communication medium to become a real fashion object. Due to its unusual characteristics, this connected promotional gift / goodies can undoubtedly replace ordinary objects such as pens, bags, etc.  

Black alarm clock radio docking station: a striking and attractive goodies

The connected world has become more than a reality. With the use of smartphones and tablets, high-tech promo goodies are taking over our daily lives. In the case of this clock radio docking station, it is the ideal object for a gentle awakening with your favorite music or with the radio channel of your choice on the menu. In addition, it has a Lightning connector and a power of 2 x 2 watts with preset FM tuner. Its alarm function offers a double alarm with “snooze” and “sleep” functions. Everyone dreams of having such high tech gadget in his daily life.

State-of-the-art goodies for a dynamic and innovative image

For a company that seeks to convey a dynamic and innovative image, orienting its choice towards high-tech is the best way to go about it. This type of connected object is popular for its multiple applications: alarm clock, radio, hands-free kit function, speaker, etc. Everything that revolves around the audio domain is fun and festive, perfect for making your days pleasant. This is why to orient towards this dock is very wise.

Associate your image with a modern advertising object

If you want your employees and customers to remember you over a long period of time, opt for a personalized and lasting advertising object. The black color is very elegant and goes well with all the other colors like the color of your company for example.

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