Humidifier with UV-C light

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ABS humidifier with integrated UV-C light that fits on any table. The humidifier will produce mist to keep any living space healthy with optimal air quality. In winter it helps to reduce dryness in the air and in summer it has a cooling function. The nozzle produces very little noise, so it can even be used at night. The built-in UV light will kill up to 99.9 % of potentially harmful bacteria in the water before it is sprayed. Includes 2 extra cotton sticks to replace the original stick. One cotton stick will last up to 8 months of continuous use. Contents: 200 ml which must be refilled after 4 hours of use. Wavelength UV-C 270nm-280nm. The UV-C light will only be activated when the article is closed. Including 120 cm PVC-free TPE micro refill cable.

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