Grey laser pen

Not sure what to give as a business gift? Consider this laser pen. This pen with a laser pointer is a must-have for any office worker. This is the kind of business gift that can be given to anyone.

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For your next business giftsIf you are looking for an office accessory that is useful in everyday life, choose this laser pen. In doing so, you are sure to please your employees, clients and partners, while respecting your budget. What's the best thing about this business gift? The possibility to personalise it with a message of your choice.                                                                                                                                                                               

A simple company gift to thank your customers

In order to maintain your business relationships, it is occasionally useful to give business gifts to your customers. It is a way for you to show them that you are grateful for their trust. To ensure that the personalized business gift is a success, it is advisable to choose an object that the recipient can use on a daily basis. This grey laser pen is a perfect example. This practical gadget is sure to please the person who receives it.

A laser pen: the perfect business gift gadget

If you can't afford to give high-tech business gifts to your various employees and customers, opt for this laser pen grey in colour. This gadget has a laser pointer. It can therefore be used on PDAs, but not only. It works with black ink and can be used as a regular pen. In other words, it is a two-in-one customer gift. By giving this kind of gift, you will only continue your image as a reliable and serious company.

Stand out from the crowd with business gifts that reflect your image

As with the corporate gift, business gifts personalised with your company's colours have a greater impact. That's why it's best to add a personalised message to this laser pen. With your slogan, logo or company name, this pen, delivered in its aluminium case, will help you to work on your image.

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Color : silver
Cut Ø1 x 15 cm
Net weight 0.080 kg
Gross weight 0.086 kg
Carton weight 2.15 kg / 12.90 kg

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