Mini cooper black wired mouse

Need to stand out with a striking and high-tech corporate gift? Is your budget more or less limited for this year? Why not offer a customizable black Mini Cooper wired mouse at the right price to make your communication campaign a success? This is the type of business gift you need in this type of campaign.

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Today the high-tech corporate gift is no longer considered as a simple advertising object, but becomes a real fashion object. Certainly both essential and practical, this type of business gift can gradually take the place of ordinary goodies.  

Interesting corporate gift idea: black Mini Cooper wired mouse

To impress your employees and clients, buy a brand new, state-of-the-art advertising mouse. It is a very useful accessory in a business. By opting for this premium gift, you convey a dynamic image and a reliable personality to your customers. This is a black color mouse with A4 pin type USB interface and Plug and Play function. Very practical thanks to its three programmable buttons and its scroll wheel for comfortable use. Its connectivity technology is wired with a cable measuring 1.5 m. It is the ideal company gift to retain as many customers as possible.

Business gift useful on a daily basis

The advantage of this optical mouse Mini cooper black is its daily utility and the service it provides to society. Indeed, associated with irreproachable quality and durability, the name of your company will last throughout its cycle of use. This is how you will circulate your brand image over a long period of time and through your customers and partners.

High-tech and tailor-made corporate gift to make you stand out

This article has a well-adapted personalization area that does not risk cluttering the object. It allows you to have a personalized corporate gift with a unique design. With your company name and logo on the corporate gift, you are sure to maximize your visibility and enhance your brand image.

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