My Original Box - Greedy Box #M12 Collection


  • Infusion with cinnamon bark & thyme : herbal tea WINTER CHILL - Les 2Marmottes
  • Green Olives in Olive Oil 150g - Zyos
  • Bagged Cookie - Milk Chocolate
  • Cocoa Hazelnut Praline Heart Ball - Funky Veggie
  • Sweet & savoury popcorn - Shed
  • Organic Raspberry Milk Bar - 90g - Comptoir du Cacao

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A box exclusively for gourmets! Offer this corporate gift box to your employees, customers and partners. my-original-box-greddy-m12


My Original Box has taken care to select for you qualitative products in this gift box exclusive :

- Infusion with cinnamon bark & thyme : herbal tea WINTER CHILL - Les 2Marmottes
Cinnamon bark, thyme and cloves make it the official infusion for people with cold feet.
Not even cold!
The true taste of plants
The pure mountain air has inspired our master brewers to concoct THE winter drink par excellence. Its spicy notes of cinnamon and clove enhanced by thyme essences warm the body and the spirit.
Ingredients: cinnamon bark 31%, thyme 31%, lemon bark, eucalyptus, clove 8%. EU / Non EU origin.
Box of 30 bags
Tasting tips from our master brewers
Infuse for 5 minutes at 100°C

- Green Olives in Olive Oil 150g - Zyos
Whole According to the traditional recipe, we marinate the Chalkidiki green olive for a few weeks in organic olive oil to obtain an almost candied olive. You can enjoy it as an aperitif or in the kitchen.
Organic green olives, organic olive oil, salt.
Best before date: 23 months
Net weight: 0,459kg

- Bagged Cookie - Milk Chocolate - Pierre&Tim
A timeless classic made with the excellent milk chocolate of Cacao Barry, located in the Yvelines.
Net weight: 60 g
Ingredients:Wheat flour from Moulins de Versailles, organic brown sugar, soft butter, whole eggs, milk chocolate 38% (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, skimmed milk powder, milk fat, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, vanilla flavouring), blond vergeoise, white sugar, salt, raising agent, sodium bicarbonate. May contain traces of soya and nuts.

- Cocoa Hazelnut Praline Heart Ball - Funky Veggie
Discover the Funky Veggie Heart Ball, a natural, tasty and funky 100% snack!
Go for the Cacao Noisette Coeur Praliné version: bite into this chocolate ball with the sweetness of hazelnut, and discover a delicious and creamy almond and hazelnut Praliné heart.
Its natural 100% composition makes it a high protein, high fibre and filling snack for only 100kcal per ball. Naturally gluten free, no refined sugar, no colouring, no preservatives, no lactose, no additives. In short, with NOTHING weird in it! And vegan.
Dimensions: 12cm (h) x 6cm (w) x 3cm (d) / Net weight: 36g
Ingredients: Dates* (54.5%), wholemeal almond puree*, hazelnuts* (16.5%), cocoa powder* (4%), hazelnut puree* (2.9%), hazelnut powder* (2.6%), cocoa mass* (2%), salt.
* ingredients from organic farming.

- Sweet & savoury popcorn - Shed
Every party is ten times better when there's popcorn. That's what we think at the Shed! That's why we've created this sweet & savoury gourmet pack, perfect for any party! POP POP Hooray!
Dimensions: 5 x 14 x 23
Net weight: 0,028
Ingredients: Popcorn, sugar, rapeseed oil, sea salt.

- Organic Raspberry Milk Bar - 90g - Comptoir du Cacao
Product from organic farming certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01.
Organic milk chocolate 39% with dried raspberries (12 % minimum) without lecithin and cane sugar. The organic cocoa beans are of the Forastero and Trinitario varieties and come from fair trade in Santo Domingo, Peru and Tanzania. We are members of the Cocoa Horizon Foundation, whose chocolates of various origins are made from raw materials from socially and environmentally responsible production subsidiaries.
Through this programme, we are contributing to a sustainable future.
Dimensions: 8cm (W) x 19 (L) x 1.2 (H)
Net weight: 90g
Ingredients: Pure cocoa butter milk chocolate* (minimum cocoa content: 39%). Cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, dried raspberry*.
*Ingredients from organic farming.
Shelf life: 12 months