Acer Aspire Switch 32 GB metal gray laptop

The advertising object is used to thank its best customers or to seal partnerships. At the end of the year, for example, offering a gift to his interlocutor allows you to make him indebted. If you are missing the idea, opt for this Acer Aspire Switch 32 GB metal gray laptop. To make an impression, nothing like a promotional item or high-tech goodies.

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The best high tech gift idea for the end of the year

The Acer Aspire PC…. endowed with finesse and elegance on the outside with its black surface, its neat finishes, will seduce unequivocally.

Inside, you will discover intuitive navigation thanks to the precise touchpad. It allows easier use with a pleasant touch and a more comfortable display than other models with standard keypads.

This laptop computer offered as a business gift will allow your customers or employees to use it more easily on a daily basis. Thanks to its dimensions and low weight, it can be transported on all trips, slipped into a bag, discreetly….

Despite its small size, its performance is well established. Indeed, its Intel Celeron processor and its graphics card guarantee fast and fluid browsing for all of your files. It therefore has nothing to envy the greatest! 

Its LED screen will also provide significant visual comfort and offers a display in more vivid colors with stronger contrasts for better image stability.  The integrated webcam allows connection to various social networks and instant conversations. Without forgetting of course, its large storage capacity with its 32 GB hard drive for a respected data security.

From a connection point of view, you will find wi-fi, bluetooth, 2 USB 2.0 ports and 1 USB 3.0 port to go even faster and connect the various peripherals (mobile phone, external hard drive, etc.), a plug HDMI for a quick connection with your TV and of course, an SD memory card reader for your best photos!

   Thanks to its innovative features as well as its modern and attractive design, this state-of-the-art promotional giveaway will impress your customers. Through this kind ofobject personalized advertising, your company will be among the best. You will definitely stand out from any competition. 

An original and unique advertising object

To stand out, offer goodies that match your image. This initiative allows you to show that you are interested in your customers or employees. At the time of everything connected, this 32 GB metal gray Acer Aspire Switch laptop PC will find its place in the offices of your employees. A personal computer is a great way to value or reward your employees, but also to retain your biggest customers. Thanks to its finesse and elegance, it is the business goodies able to seduce your prospects. It has a precise touchpad that gives it intuitive navigation. Thus, its use is all the easier compared to other models with standard pavers.

High-tech promotional gifts to favor

High-tech promotional gifts are accessories that will please and satisfy the most demanding. Indeed, this laptop will allow you to send a powerful message including your interest in new technologies. Thanks to this computer, your employees will have a simplified use on a daily basis.

A personalized business gift to offer to boost your visibility

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Processor model: Atom ™ TZ3735F
Windows 8.1 compatible Windows 10: Yes

RAM installed: 2 GB
RAM type: DDR3
Number of hard drives: 1
Hard Drive Type: SSD
SSD hard drive capacity: 32 GB
Writer / reader: No
Dual Layer Compatible: No

Screen type: 10.1″ HD LED touchscreen
Screen size (inches): 10.1 "
Maximum resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels
Definition: HD (High definition)
Touch: Yes
3D Compatible: No

USB 2.0 ports: 1
Memory card reader: Micro SD
HDMI 1: micro HDMI
Helmet: 1
Microphone: 1

TV tuner: No
Wireless network: Wifi 802.11 b / g / n + Bluetooth
NFC technology: No
Bluetooth: yes
Infrared: No
Speakers: Integrated HP
AZERTY keyboard
Numeric keypad: No
Webcam: Yes
Connected device: No

Operating system: Windows 8.1 compatible with Windows 10
Operating system version: 32-bit
Software provided Microsoft Office: 365 (1 year)
Software delivery method Preinstalled and / or supplied on CD / DVD

Maximum autonomy: Up to 8 hours
Dimensions: 26.16 x 19.24 x 2.02 cm
Grey color
Weight (kg): 1.17 kg
Origin of manufacture: China

The available marking modes: 

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