Glossy black picture frame

Choose this glossy black photo frame to make a remarkable promotional item. It is a digital frame with a large 10 '' screen that is both simple and elegant. Allowing you to view your favorite photos with the possibility of adding music, it is a quality advertising product.

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To better decorate a desk and avoid it being cluttered with photos, we suggest you offer this beautiful corporate advertising gift to your customers. As well as being a practical decorative item, it can also be used as a promotional item where you can store images that showcase your products and services.

A good quality high-tech promotional item

To enhance the value of your business partners and strengthen your collaboration, choose this personalized advertising object. With photo, video and film functions as well as a USB port, this is a corporate giveaway that is equipped with all the necessary technology. No need to turn on your computer to view the images, no need to touch the screen; the photos will scroll one after the other. In addition, this promotional product maintains the quality of the images with beautiful natural colours.

A personalised promotional gift to please your customers

Giving a gift is one thing, but taking the trouble to personalise it shows even more how much you value your employees. By choosing this promotional gift, we offer you the possibility of personalising it by placing your logo or by leaving a small message of your choice. This will be a simple way to remind your partners of the collaboration they have with you. Moreover, your customers will not fail to mention your company in case someone is interested.

A personalised promotional item to enhance your company's image

Apart from pleasing your customers and employees, the choice of this Digital Photo Frame will further enhance your company's image. Your goodies will be appreciated by your customers and will guarantee their loyalty. Just by seeing your logo, they will know where to return and will not hesitate to suggest your services to other customers.

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