Brandt DVDP9R portable DVD player

Advertising is an important part of marketing to promote a service or products. Do you want to adopt new communication techniques in terms of marketing? Do you want to stand out in your field? Offer your customers a trendy and functional promotional item that they can use on a daily basis.

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If you want us to talk about your company, choose a Corporate goodies and dare to leave the classic promo Goodies which do not attract customers and which do not manage to retain them. Opt for an original technological product and in tune with the times like this Brandt portable DVD player.

A high tech design advertising object

If for you a good advertising product is a Goodies which is modern and perfectly meets customer needs, this Brandt portable dvd player is one of them. You will not be disappointed by its visual, because it has a 9-inch screen, a chic black color and a perfect size. This model is portable and can also be integrated into interior decoration. Your customers will have the pleasure of presenting it to those around them and will naturally present your company to them.

A high-performance corporate gift item

So that your company can increase its notoriety and retain its customers, offer them a totally powerful advertising object just like this Brandt portable DVD player. Indeed, thanks to it, your customers will have the advantage of playing videos in various formats such as R / DVD + RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, jpeg, MPEG4, etc. Your customers will even be able to see images in the size they want with significantly higher quality. One of the great advantages of this equipment is also its ability to read a USB key thanks to its USB output.

An affordable and economical business object

To stand out from your competitors, offer your customers an economical personalised promotional item that they can use intensively. This portable DVD player does not consume any energy and can be autonomous within 2 hours. It is affordable and will not unbalance your budget due to its better quality/price ratio. It has a 2-hour uninterrupted battery life and you'll also have the chance to enjoy 2×1 watt sound. You will also be able to use the headphone jack (3.5 mm jack) and to consult your data or files you can also plug in a USB stick, thanks to its integrated USB port.

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