Digital clock

Do you want to offer an original promotional item / goodies to your customers? Opt for the digital clock. It is a modern and practical advertising object that can also be used as decoration in various places. This accessory will delight your prospects at any time.

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The digital clock is both a practical and useful high-tech goodie, but it can also be used as decoration. In these festive times, it is a good Goodies that will satisfy your customers. What could be better than to offer an accessory that serves them in their daily life and embellishes their home?

A promotional item that can improve your marketing

This promotional gift is a wise choice to satisfy customers. Indeed, it is a useful accessory, since the time is within sight, without forgetting the high technology that this goodie can offer. But it is also a promotional item/goodie that is used to embellish homes and other places. You can give it away on any occasion: tombola, Christmas, end of year and other events. Moreover, as it is an advertising goodie that serves as a decoration, it will always be within sight of everyone to constantly remind of your existence and thus attract new prospects to your account.

A very practical corporate gift

This digital clock is endowed with a simple, yet practical and classy design. The grey and black promotional item has a light sensor that enables it to be switched on despite the light in the room. It has an alarm function and a snooze function and gives a digital time. Its simplicity of use makes it very practical. In addition, this promotional gift comes with an attractive gift box to give it away with pleasure and surprise. To top it all off, you can have it at a cheap price that will spare your budget without weighing down your expenses.

A promotional item/goodies that you can personalise

To make your gift more personal, you can put your company logo on the gift box, as well as on the top of the promotional item. By using a personalised promotional item, you can easily achieve a good level of brand visibility.

Cut 12.5 x 4.7 x 7.3 cm
Net weight 0.137 kg
Gross weight 0.194 kg
Carton weight 4.85 kg / 9.70 kg
Packing : 25 / 50
Material : Plastic
Native country : China
Sample : max. 5
Additional Information : AAA / LR03 / AM4

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