Samsung robot vacuum cleaner black and red

The key to successful object communication is knowing how to choose an outstanding CE gift capable of impressing the recipient. However, the object in question must integrate everyday life as is the case with this black and red Samsung robot vacuum cleaner. In terms of works council gifts, this is by far the most original.

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Offering this type of gift for an employee is ideal as a token of reward and thank you for your employees. It's a corporate committee gift commensurate with the efforts and the implications they demonstrate for society. Especially since its daily utility is highly appreciated.

An ultra trendy CE gift: Black and red Samsung robot vacuum cleaner

This household equipment offered as a corporate gift is one of the accessories that can be used for an indefinite period. In addition, it has enormous advantages for both the donor and the recipient. Who wouldn't want to see their house clean when they come home from work? In the age of everything connected, even household chores benefit from the advantages offered by new technology. This high-quality appliance has a great capacity to vacuum over 100 m - with an autonomy of 1 hour 30 minutes. Enough to clean the house from top to bottom. In addition, following four programs, it can detect obstacles, locate the void and automatically return to the charging base. Once recharged, it resumes its work from where it left off. As gift THIS, this one is perfect to please and surprise its employees.

High-tech CE gift to offer to seduce      

Among our catalog of luxurious company committee gifts, the choices can be multiple, but nothing beats a useful and practical object. High-tech is inexorably integrated into everyday life in many areas. With exceptional performance and top functionality, this home appliance provides various benefits to your employees.

A corporate committee gift that can be personalized on request

To be able to optimize its visibility as it should, the object must be marked with the name of your company. Hence the interest in opting mainly for a personalized CE gift. This vacuum latest generation robot has the advantage of adapting to any type of marking. It is therefore customizable according to your tastes and preferences.

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