Neon green bluetooth speaker

Looking for an original promotional item / goodies to impress your employees? Go for high-tech items like this neon green bluetooth speaker. A magnificent advertising gift allowing you to develop your communication strategy. It is the ideal gift to offer to your employees or business partners.


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This type of'promotional items/goodies is now one of the most popular communication tools. The majority of companies prefer to give high-tech goodies as gifts. end of year gift to boost the motivation of their employees and strengthen professional ties. The recipients will be thrilled by this gesture of recognition.

A high-tech promotional item: a fluorescent green Bluetooth speaker

High-tech is on the rise, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of this to make a generous gesture to employees and partners. A fluorescent green Bluetooth speaker, for example, represents a advertisment object with high added value. This splendid product to give as a gift to your employees, operating via Bluetooth 4.1, allows for free listening. It is therefore possible to play all your favourite playlists from your phone. Compact and practical, it features a rechargeable battery, hands-free functionality, an auxiliary input and a sleek design. Your employees will enjoy a great sound experience with this promotional Bluetooth speaker.

Improve your business relations with an exceptional goodie

In today's business world, to maintain a good professional relationship, you have to rely on a brand new approach to improve your communication. This is communication through objects. Although other media are more or less effective, communication by object is at its peak. Nevertheless, it is important to choose your goodies carefully and to make sure that they appeal. If high-tech is the trend of the moment, then a Bluetooth speaker is particularly appropriate.

A Bluetooth speaker as a personalised promotional item

At first glance, the nature of promotional gifts depends on the type of relationship you wish to maintain, whether it is with a client, an employee or a business partner. It would therefore be preferable to design it with the effigy of your company so that the recipient can receive the message and especially remember who it comes from.

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