White ball bluetooth speaker

Are you looking for a corporate gift for your employees or clients? In addition to satisfying them, do you want to improve your company's brand image? This Ball Mini Bluetooth speaker is the gift you need. This equipment allows you to listen to music in complete freedom.

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Why should you offer a cheap business gift to your employees or customers? Business gifts play an important role in the promotion of your company. Thanks to them, you will be able to gain visibility. You can also use these objects to convey your values. They are important for building customer loyalty.

The corporate gift in the form of a very elegant ball

This corporate gift will attract attention with its charming shape and design. Your customers will be delighted to have it in their homes. It comes in the form of a ball. It diffuses light that changes with the rhythm of the music and with each song. This personalized business gift goes very well with the decorative elements of the house or office.

The corporate gift that fits all mobile devices

This corporate gift has a Bluetooth version 4.0 connection, making it compatible with all mobile devices, which is very practical. You can link it to a tablet, Smartphone, MP3-Player, etc. Its range is about 10 meters. Supplied with a 3.5 mm line-in cable, this personalised corporate gift can be plugged into a computer to listen to music or to enjoy better sound while watching a movie. The cable is 53 cm long, which is very convenient for a better location. This device is compatible with a micro SD card.

The most practical corporate gift to use

This Bluetooth speaker Ball Mini, in the form of a white ball, is simple to use. It has touch buttons that you can use to control the device. The bottom of this corporate gift is covered with a non-slip coating to stabilise the speaker. It comes with a 400 mAh rechargeable battery. You can use it for about 4 hours.

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