Classic black sports bag

With this classic black gym bag, your prospects will always remember you every time they use it. Both practical and original, this Advertising Gift will offer you excellent visibility with a very large audience. This is an advertising goodies that can be personalized according to the colors of your company.

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Many people take up sport regularly for various reasons, and use original company goodies such as this bag. As a result, this Gift Advertising will be very useful to accompany them during their sessions. Thus, this promotional item will be visible in various high-traffic areas.

A Gift Advertising with a high degree of usefulness

This sports bag is very practical for its user. Indeed, it is a original advertising object The bag can be used to carry a variety of personal items such as shoes, clothes, water or even toiletries. In addition, this corporate gift is very functional, with 2 side pockets and a front pocket, as well as an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap for transport. Its dimensions of 58 x 28 x 33 cm give it an excellent capacity.

A company goodie that can be personalised at will

Another advantage of this promotional gift is that it can be personalised according to your preferences. You can print your logo, your slogan or any other message related to your company. This way you can expand your range of personalised promotional items to increase your visibility. In addition, it is a large object that is easily noticeable, and on which you can put several types of visual identification to constitute an excellent vehicle for your image.

A promotional item that can be very profitable    

It must be recognized that this sport bag can be very cost-effective because of its nature. The bag is primarily designed to carry sports equipment, but it can also be used for a weekend getaway or even a holiday. This means that your personalised promotional gift can travel across several cities or even several countries, giving you widespread exposure.

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Color : black
Cut approx. 58 x 28 x 33 cm

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