Orange stitched trolley

Do you want to thank an employee who is frequently on the move? Give him this orange couture trolley as a CE gift. This good quality suitcase will accompany them during all their trips. These are the kind of convenient and reliable coworker gifts you can't help but appreciate, so why hesitate?

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Looking for the perfect employee gift? Think of this trolley. Practical, inexpensive and durable, it's the kind of gift CE operating budget especially if you are on a tight budget. Moreover, you can easily personalise it with your company logo, name or slogan.

A trolley: the CE gift for those who travel a lot

Most of the time, a works council gift is easily forgotten, because it is not always suitable for the recipient. If you don't want this to happen to the works council gifts you give, choose something that will be useful to the recipient. For someone who likes to travel or who has to make frequent trips for work, this trolley, designed to fit in the cabin, is the perfect gift. employee gift ideal.

A practical employee gift

Do you want to be sure that the employee appreciation gift you give is used by the recipient? Opt for this sewing trolleywhich is very practical. It has a large, expandable front compartment that can hold a fairly large amount of clothing. In addition, the compartment has a zipped pocket and elastic bands to hold clothes securely. With its compact size, this trolley can easily be taken into the cabin, which is practical for those who often travel by plane.

Customisable CE gifts

Do you want your company's image to be reflected in your corporate gift? You are right to choose this trolley. It's easy to make a personalised works council gift. How do you do that? Simply by putting your logo, a slogan or any other special message you want to highlight. This personalisation will help you promote your company, so don't miss out! Carry-on luggage. 1680D polyester.

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