18.5 inch gloss black LCD TV

With the high-tech corporate gift possibilities present in our catalog, you will easily find a gift worthy of the name. Among this large panel is this
18.5 inch gloss black LCD TV. Offering a memorable gift to your employees is an essential way to create an emotional bond between an employee and the company.


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High-tech is now an integral part of the communication strategy within a company. High tech business gifts are an effective solution to develop the professional relationship that exists within a company. Opt for a corporate gift original and modern will be greatly appreciated by its recipient. 

The ultimate corporate gift: 18.5 inch gloss black LCD TV

This kind of corporate gift personalized is more and more in vogue in today's world. To set yourself apart from any competition, choosing a product from the latest trend is ideal. At the same time, this reflects a dynamic and innovative image. Equipped with advanced functionality, this top-of-the-range product offers impeccable image quality. This 47 cm television incorporates a DVD player, TNT tuner with a resolution of 1366 x 768. Its sound quality and brightness of 250 cd / m allow you to spend your movie nights in total comfort. Make your employees happy by offering them this luxurious corporate gift.

A personalized corporate gift according to all styles

Giving a personalized business gift as a year-end gift has become a custom with some companies. It is a very effective approach to stay close to your employees or work partners. A luxury item made in the image of the company is the right way to make an impression. This type of gift has the advantage of adapting to any type of marking.

Business gifts: a competitively priced solution

Combining elegant design and meticulous finish, the LCD TV glossy black 18.5 inches is offered to you at a low price. Useful, easy to use and above all very practical, this gift will please and will make an essential end of year gift.

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