Black Full HD 60 cm LCD TV

It is cheaper for a business to keep a customer than to acquire a new one. This 60cm FULL HD LCD TV with integrated DVD player and TNT DVB-T receiver can make an ideal corporate gift to thank loyal customers and partners for their commitment.

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This LCD TV is the corporate gift that will be appreciated and that will inspire its recipients to remain loyal to your company's products or services. It is the gift of a high tech company capable of satisfying your partners, but also of motivating and making your employees happy.

An original corporate gift to enhance your customer experience

Offering an LCD TV can be a way to retain customers and important partners over the long term while ensuring the sustainability of your business. It's a high tech business gift which will allow you to perpetuate your relationship with your most important customers. It can also be a great way to keep in touch, but also to increase your orders and your turnover.

The full HD LCD television: a design business gift

It is an original business gift idea that is sure to delight its employees thanks to its interesting features. This LCD TV full HD 60cm black is equipped with a 24-inch screen with LED backlighting, an integrated DVD player and multimedia player for listening to music or playing movies from a USB stick, a TNT tuner, three HDMI ports for playing video games or streaming movies and series, a USB port and two 5-watt speakers. To stand out, it is possible to include your company logo and make it a personalized company gift.

A wise choice of end-of-year corporate gift

It is essential for companies to value and reward the work of its most deserving employees by offering them an end-of-year gift as a thank you. It is attention that is able to reach the employee and increase his motivation for the development of the company. With the help of a corporate giveaway, a motivated employee can indeed take their work more seriously and can be more productive.

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